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NEARITY Distributor in Russia—AVICON GROUP
Release Time:2023-02-17
We are pleased to announce the signing of the distribution contract between NEARITY and AVICON GROUP LLC. AVICON becomes the one of the official distributors of the entire line of NEARITY products in Russia.


AVICON GROUP is a Russian distributor of professional video conferencing solutions and AV equipment. It has experience of working with most manufacturers of video conferencing systems and its technicians have many professional certificates and expertise.

AVICON carries out a series of tests before introducing them to customers or partners. Tests including new solutions and problems that may occur during the installation and operation. These tests aim to guarantee the quality of products and responsibility to customers. For this cooperation, AVICON has also tested NEARITY's products and solutions several times, which is also a guarantee for our customers and partners.

In addition, AVICON organizes both webinars via the Internet and face-to-face training to attract potential cooperations and train their resellers.


Focused on developing its own innovative audio technologies to improve sound quality: AI noise reduction, reverberation cancellation, Beamforming technology, NEARITY provides comprehensive solutions for video conferencing systems, from personal use to corporate use. Its portfolio includes various models of speakerphones, conference cameras, headsets, all-in-one devises, ceiling mic, and accessories.

In all respects, AVICON is a competent partner and a trustworthy distributor for its customers. NEARITY’s innovative technology combined with AVICON's local market capabilities will provide an integrated solution for the local Russian business/education industry. Together we can open the Russian market even more.