Designed for drop ceiling installations


The NEARITY ASP100 loudspeaker delivers exceptional sound quality to conference rooms. When paired with the NEARITY DSP AMX100, it provides outstanding audio quality for any conference.
ASP100 upside down view
ASP100 upside down view
ASP100 back view
ASP100 front view

Flush Mounted to Fit the Conference Rooms Perfectly

The ASP100 loudspeaker can be ceiling-mounted and seamlessly integrated into the meeting room without disrupting the room's aesthetic.

The Sealed Back Cover Design Extends the Product's Lifetime

The back cover design of the speaker provides enhanced protection, guarding the internal components and preventing leakage, as well as protection from rodents, insects, and moisture.

The Ideal Solution for Large and Broad Conferencing Rooms

The ASP100 loudspeaker, along with the A50 ceiling microphone and AMX100 DSP, is specifically designed for audio and video conferencing in collaborative meeting environments. With this setup, audio conferencing will achieve exceptional sound quality.


Zoom、Skype、Slack、Google Hangouts/Classroom、GoToMeeting、BlueJeans、Twitch、Facebook Live、xsplit、OBSなど、さまざまなビデオ会議プラットフォームに対応可能です。
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


  • サイズ:(Ø)207mm x (H)150mm
  • 電圧:15W
  • 周波数:F0-20KHz
  • 音量:87±3dB 正弦波 1w、1m At 200、400、600、800Hz(平均値)。
  • THD:<5%未満