For lecture hall and large rooms


The NEARITY ASP110 is a professional-grade loudspeaker ideal for lecture halls and spacious venues. Its collaboration with the NEARITY DSP AMX100 results in exceptional conference audio quality.
ASP110 upside down view
ASP110 upside down view
ASP110 back view
ASP110 front view

Efficient Conference Communication

The high and low-frequency bandwidth crossover speaker unit ensures remarkable sound performance. The clear stereoscopic sound surround design facilitates efficient communication during conferences.

Longer Product Lifetime

The loudspeaker's back cover design reinforces the seal, protecting the internal components from leaks, rodents, insects, and moisture.

The Best Solution for Lecture Halls and Large Rooms

The ASP110 loudspeaker is crafted for lecture halls and spacious conference rooms. Coupled with A50 ceiling microphone and AMX100 DSP, your audio conferencing will reach new heights of excellence.


Zoom、Skype、Slack、Google Hangouts/Classroom、GoToMeeting、BlueJeans、Twitch、Facebook Live、xsplit、OBSなど、さまざまなビデオ会議プラットフォームに対応可能です。
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


  • サイズ: 185mm*167mm*250mm
  • 電圧:15W
  • 周波数: F0-20KHz
  • 音量: 88±3dB 正弦波 1w、1m At 200、400、600、800Hz(平均)。
  • THD:<5%未満