The AMX100 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is an essential component for operating the Nearity ceiling microphone.
AMX100 front view
AMX100 front view
AMX100 top view
AMX100 back view

Designed for Various Conference Settings

The AMX100 DSP's interfaces support connecting with different devices, such as loudspeakers, PCs, wireless microphones, ACT10 controllers, and others. It can also work with traditional MCU conference rooms and is versatile enough to be used in various conference settings.

Flexible Signal Routing and Connectivity

It features a 3.5mm analog audio input/output and a TRS port for connecting to the A/V conferencing system in the room. It has a USB-B port for connecting to a laptop or room PC, a USB-C port for an additional microphone, and phoenix ports that allow for connection to up to 8 loudspeakers.

Professional Audio Quality

Depending on the installation environment, the AMX100 can adjust the degree of the ceilingmic algorithm to achieve various pickup effects. Such as, AI noise reduction, AEC, de-reverberation, and acoustic noise suppression in conference mode and local reinforcement mode


Zoom、Skype、Slack、Google Hangouts/Classroom、GoToMeeting、BlueJeans、Twitch、Facebook Live、xsplit、OBSなど、さまざまなビデオ会議プラットフォームに対応可能です。
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


  • スピーカー入力端子:フェニックスコネクタ
  • ラインイン:3.5mmアナログ入力
  • ラインアウト:3.5mmアナログ出力
  • 6.35mmアナログ入力
  • RJ45(コントロール):コントローラー接続
  • RJ45(アレイマイク):天井マイク接続
  • USB-B: Type-B 2.0
  • USB-A: Type-A 2.0
  • 電源:入力:AC100-240V、50/60Hz、出力:DC24V/10A
  • リセット:ファクトリーリセット
  • サイズ:255.4×163.8×45.8mm