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When conducting virtual meetings, it's important to have a good audio set-up. Two popular options are the conference speakerphone and the conference microphone neck. While both have their advantages, in this blog post, we will discuss why the conference speakerphone is the better option.

What is Conference Microphone Neck

A Conference Microphone Neck, also known as a gooseneck microphone, is a type of microphone commonly used in conference rooms and lecture halls. It has a flexible metal or plastic neck that allows the user to adjust the position and angle of the microphone head. The gooseneck design is intended to pick up sound from a specific direction and reject unwanted noise, such as background noise or noise from other speakers. The flexible neck allows the user to position the microphone close to their mouth, improving the clarity and volume of their voice. Conference systems often include multiple microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and signal processing equipment to ensure that all speakers are heard clearly by everyone in the room.

What is Conference Speakerphone

A conference speakerphone is a device used in group meetings to allow multiple people to participate in a conversation using a single device. It includes a microphone and speaker optimized for larger rooms, with additional features such as noise reduction, echo cancellation and automatic volume control. Some models can connect to other devices such as smartphones or laptops, making them versatile for a variety of platforms. They are commonly used in business settings, but also useful for group discussions in education or community settings.

How Conference Speakerphone outperformed conference mic neck

Hands-Free Experience

One of the biggest advantages of using a conference speakerphone is the hands-free experience it provides. With a conference microphone neck, you have to position the mic close to your mouth and keep it there throughout the meeting. This can be uncomfortable and distracting, especially if you're taking notes or working on something else. With a speakerphone, the mic is built-in, and you can sit back and relax while still being heard clearly.

Better Sound Quality

Another major advantage of using a conference speakerphone is the better sound quality it provides. Conference microphone necks often pick up unwanted background noise, such as typing or shuffling papers. They also don't provide consistent sound quality if you move your head around or if you're not close enough to the mic. Conference speakerphones, on the other hand, are designed to pick up sound from all around the room, providing a more natural and immersive sound experience.

More Cost-Effective

Finally, conference speakerphones are more cost-effective than conference microphone necks. A quality conference microphone neck can be expensive, and you may need to purchase multiple ones if you have a large team or if you have multiple meeting rooms. Conference speakerphones, on the other hand, are designed to be used in larger rooms and can accommodate multiple participants. This means you can save money by purchasing only one or two speakerphones instead of multiple microphones.

Level Up Your Meeting Experience with NEARITY A20 Conference Speakerphone

NEARITY A20 is a premium solution for small to mid-sized meeting spaces, with a 16 ft range and advanced noise suppression for better collaboration and communication. The A20's 8-element array uses beamforming technology to eliminate acoustic and room echo in noisy conference rooms, ensuring clear communication for all participants. With full-duplex technology, there is seamless, simultaneous communication between both ends of the call, without missing any words. The A20 can daisy-chain multiple units together, making it suitable for small meeting spaces and larger, more complex meetings, creating a combined array of microphones to suit the needs of any gathering.


While both conference microphone necks and conference speakerphones have their advantages, the conference speakerphone is the better choice for virtual meetings. It provides a more comfortable, hands-free experience, better sound quality, and is more cost-effective in the long run. So if you're looking to improve your virtual meetings, consider investing in a quality conference speakerphone.

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