Zoom Rooms System

Incredibly Simple Meeting Room Solutions

  • Ultra-HD Nearity conference camera with pan and tilt

  • Daisy chain speakerphone with AI-noise canceling technology

  • Nearity room controller for virtually any room size or shape

  • Effortlessly transform any area into a Zoom Rooms with a single touch to join

  • Wired and wireless sharing of content

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How to use Zoom Rooms System

Zoom Rooms System

Incredibly Simple Meeting Room Solutions

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Empowering Seamless Remote Teamwork

Nearity Zoom Rooms System empowers remote teamwork with ease. Our Zoom-certified hardware ensures seamless hybrid workplace productivity.
Zoom rooms appliances for hybrid meeting
Daisy chain speakerphone for various meeting spaces
Auto Zooming PTZ 4K Camera for Immersive Experiences
Effortlessly transform any area into a Zoom Rooms
Wired and wireless content sharing

Tailored to Suit Your Every Need

Experience seamless conferencing with Nearity Zoom-certified hardware speakerphone and conference 4K Auto-framing camera

Premium Camera

Premium Camera

4K | 15 hybrid zoom | Sony Sensor | Multiple Ports Pan: ±175° | tilt: ±30°

Speaker with microphone

Speaker with microphone

5m audio pickup radius 8 Mics 360 degree omni-directional built-in speake

Zoom Certified

Zoom Certified

Speakerphone | Camera

Daisy Chain Technology

Daisy Chain Technology

Zoom Rooms for Hybrid Meeting

Nearity for Zoom Rooms Appliances offers an Ultra-HD Nearity conference camera featuring pan and tilt capabilities, a daisy-chain speakerphone, the Nearity touch controller, and a conference room host, designed to accommodate diverse room sizes and shapes.
Setup is simplified, eliminating the necessity for a PC or Mac, owing to the seamless support offered by Zoom Rooms Appliances.
Effortless device management is ensured through Zoom Device Management or NearSync. NearSync offers video conferencing devices management software, with the capability to support hybrid and remote workforces.
Our systems arrive securely packaged, ready for swift installation, boasting premium components and adaptable mounting options, facilitating the seamless deployment of Zoom Rooms within your workplace.

Daisy chain speakerphone for various meeting spaces

Clear Voice Becomes Reality
The A21S speakers and microphones in the Nearity Zoom Rooms System deliver exceptional audio quality, eliminating background noise and enhancing voice clarity for effective communication in conference rooms.
Clear Voice Capture For All
The daisy chain ability of speakerphones and connecting two A21S can effectively expand the voice capture range with each reaches a radius of 5 meters, providing complete coverage of large-sized meeting rooms. All participants' voices can be captured clearly, regardless of their location in the room.

15 Hybrid Zoom PTZ 4K Camera with Auto Framing for Immersive Experiences

Serve Everyone With a Wonderful Meeting Experience
PTZ Camera V415 of Nearity Zoom Rooms allows for better face-to-face communication, providing auto framing, improving visibility and engagement, enhancing communication, and increasing flexibility. It allows for better positioning and capturing of meeting participants, making it easier to communicate and collaborate effectively.
Visibility of all angles
With the 15x combined zoom capability, the V415 can capture every detail in the room, providing better visibility of meeting participants and front-screen content.

Effortlessly transform any area into a Zoom Rooms

Nearity solutions for Zoom Rooms Appliances come preconfigured for easy setup and management. Feel free to contact us and schedule a demo to select a room size, ranging from huddle rooms to extra-large spaces. Our team will then assist in providing suitable mounts and accessories tailored to fit each individual space.

Wired and wireless content sharing

Zoom Rooms include many different sharing options in addition to wireless proximity share such as via HDMI or a browser.

Enhanced Multi-Screen Conferencing Experience

With top-tier hardware capabilities, the Nearity WT400D of Zoom Rooms System enables hardware decoding of multiple video conference streams, supporting up to three 4K 60fps HDMI outputs. Immerse yourself in a seamless and advanced conferencing experience.

Nearity Zoom Rooms System for Every Space

Explore Nearity video solution designed for immersive Zoom meetings from small to large rooms.

Your Recommended Bundle:
For Small Rooms Up to 5 Participants
From $4996
A21S Conference Speakermic
$ 799
V415 Conference Camera
$ 899
B10 Conference Touch Controller
$ 699
WT400D Conference Roomhost
$ 2599
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Microphone Features

  • 8 MEMS microphones array
  • Effective pickup distance: 5m(16ft)
  • Sensitivity: -38dBFS 94dB SPL@1kHz
  • SNR: 63dBV/Pa 94dB SPL@1kHz,A-weighted

Speaker Characteristics

  • Rated output power: 4Ω/3W
  • Speaker frequency response: 220Hz~12kHz
  • Speaker volume: 80±3dB @1m
  • THD<5%

Audio Characteristics

  • Beamforming
  • Voice Activity Detector(VAD)
  • AI noise suppression
  • Full-duplex
  • AI Reverb and Echo cancellation
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)


  • POE UTP RJ45 (CAT6)
  • Up to 4/8* units via POE connection

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 64mm (2.5 inches)
  • Width: 120mm (4.7 inches)
  • Depth: 120mm (4.7 inches)
  • Net weight: 544g (19.19 oz)
  • Color: Deep Tarnish

Power and Connectivity

  • External power supply: DC 48V/0.65A or USB 5V/0.5A
  • Compatible operating systems:Windows/Mac/Linux
  • USB port: USB 2.0 Type-C

Packing List

  • 1x A21S
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x UTP ethernet Cable
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x User manual
What’s in the box
  • 1x A21S
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x UTP ethernet Cable (Cat6)
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x User manual


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