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AI Noise Canceling Bluetooth Speakerphone

  • Transform Compact Spaces into High-Powered Conference Rooms

  • Minimize Echo and Noise for Crystal-Clear Communication

  • Deliver Premium Sound Quality for Professional Conferencing

  • Streamlined Setup for Faster Meeting Initiation



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AI Noise Canceling Bluetooth Speakerphone
Trusted by Over 100K Customers All Over the World

Instant Conferencing Anywhere

Wireless, compact, and effortlessly user-friendly, SP100 bluetooth speakerphone delivers exceptional sound quality for all participants, whether they are in the same room or participating remotely

To hear every single syllable

A 3W HiFi speaker offers exceptional performance, surpassing the requirements of standard speakerphones, and delivers astounding audio quality for music and other audio playback.

To be heard clearly

Multiple connection options


Experience the utmost natural and crystal-clear conversations using the Nearity AI noise canceling speakerphone. Advanced noise-canceling technology further enhances collaboration by effectively eliminating background noises that might divert attention.

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Seamless Integration with Your Existing Conferencing Platforms.

NEARITY Compatible Platforms

Communicate And Collaborate

Instant Teamwork Anywhere

Empower your meetings with a versatile, scalable, and wireless speakerphone series designed to be portable and adaptable to your workspace, wherever that may be. Elevate your team's collaborative performance with the assurance of top-notch audio quality.

360° Voice Coverage

Featuring 4 omnidirectional microphones, capable of capturing all voices within a 3-meter radius with super-high clarity.

Voice Balancing

SP100 speakerphone employs automated gain control to maintain a balanced volume level, ensuring that individuals speaking from a distance or with softer voices remain consistently loud and clear.

Streamline Your Workspace Experience

Supports plug-and-play, Bluetooth connectivity, and dongle compatibility. Ideal for remote work, it can also serve as a mobile phone reverse charger.

8-Hour Playtime

SP100 Bluetooth speakerphone is equipped with a built-in 3.7V 2600mAh battery, providing you with the convenience of up to 8 hours of uninterrupted calls on a single charge.

Business Trips

SP100 wireless speakerphone boasts a portable design and comes with a lightweight travel case, ensuring that you can effortlessly carry it with you on your business trips.

Voice Balancing

Bluetooth 5 technology guarantees a consistently strong and dependable connection between your device and the SP100, keeping your communication seamless .

Daisy Chain Expansions

Connect two speakerphones together to enable meetings with the capacity for up to 20 attendees, ideal for medium to large meeting rooms.

User scenarios

Take your meetings on business trips, to your home office, hotels, and more, Nearity SP100 is perfect for remote working and learning.

Meeting room
Home office
Remote class

Tech Specs

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Trusted by global companies and small businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SP100 speakerphone support bluetooth connection?

NEARITY SP100 speakerphone support easy connection—connect wirelessly via Bluetooth,Bluetooth adapter or wired via combined USB-A/USB-C cable.

How many attendees can the SP100 speakerphone be used for?

Connect 2 SP100 conference speakers with Nearity’s special cable to easily work well in small meetings (under 8 attendees) and medium to large meetings (up to 16 or more attendees).

What installation methods can the SP100 speakerphone be used for?

It can be used on the desktop or directly in the hand.

Does it work with Microsoft Teams?

Yes, it works with Teams. You need to select it as the camera - the default camera is your laptop camera.

Does it support parameter adjustment?

Supports firmware update and simple parameter setting via Nearsync.

How long does delivery take?

Usually take about 2-7 business days.

How will my delivery be shipped?

Amazon functions as our logistics partner to ship our NEARITY products. They will choose the carrier that they think works best for our customers.

I ordered more than one item. Will they all be delivered at the same time?

We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used, depending on the product. Once an item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.