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12-month Warranty
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C50 360° All-in-one Video Conferencing Camera

  • Includes everyone: 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera, 6 mics and Hi-Fi speaker.

  • 3 AI video modes: Swivel lens with 3 video modes on your command for various scenarios.

  • Optimized voice pickup: Exclusive ProperClean DSP algorithm features noise reduction.

  • Plug and play: Launch meetings instantly via remote control or physical buttons.

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C50 360° All-in-one Video Conferencing Camera

Smart AI Algorithm for Natural Communication

NEARITY C50 is a conference room camera designed to capture participants in meeting rooms head-on, ensuring that those participating remotely stay central to the discussion. This ensures an equal and inclusive meeting environment where everyone is distinctly visible and audible. This conference camera is effortless to install and can be placed in any location for the best possible visual and audio experience, bringing you closer to a seamless hybrid meeting experience.

Discussion Mode

Effortlessly highlight different participants as they speak, utilizing a 360-degree view to capture the entire room.

Presentation Mode

Global Mode

Sound Great in Any Environment

Experience the utmost natural and crystal-clear conversations using the Nearity 4K Pro Video Conference Webcam. Advanced noise-canceling technology further enhances collaboration by effectively eliminating background noises that might divert attention.

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Seamless Integration with Your Existing Conferencing Platforms.

NEARITY Compatible Platforms

AI-powered Meeting Room Camera, Capture Your Action

Broader Vision

Expand the visual view for remote participants, providing a 360° meeting experience when in-room people engage in side conversations and divert their attention from the primary video device.

Clearer Audio

Enhance audio clarity for remote participants with a 6x beamforming microphone array, ensuring optimal sound capture from all corners of the room. Benefit from AI noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and full-duplex communication for seamless interactions.

Clear Video

Immerse in high-quality visuals with a 1080p HD camera featuring a Sony CMOS sensor and 3x digital zoom, capture every video detail with outstanding resolution, and detail.

Exceptional Hi-Fi Speaker

Experience audio like never before with our unique 4Ω/3W Hi-Fi speaker. Boasting louder output, crystal-clear sound, and enhanced focus, this speaker is meticulously engineered to elevate your listening experience.

Simple setup

Simplify setup and installation by using a single plug-in network and power cable, streamlining the process and reducing complexity.

Simple to Manage

Effortlessly oversee your NUROUM video collaboration devices using NEARITY NearSync. Keep tabs on room well-being, implement updates, and adjust settings seamlessly. Additionally, enhance your device by upgrading its firmware to unlock smarter capabilities.

Flexible Placement

The NEARITY C50 conference camera is versatile in its placement options. You can place it on the table, or mount it on a surface, providing flexibility to adapt to your meeting space requirements.

Tech Specs

What’s in the box
  • 1. C50*1
  • 2. Remote control*1
  • 3. Power adapter*1
  • 4. USB cable*1
  • 5. User manual*1

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up NEARITY C50?

Plug the power adapter into an outlet. Then, plug the USB into your computer, open up your video conferencing software of choice, and select the NEARITY C50 as your mic, camera, speaker. There are no drivers required to download, it just works.

Is there a remote control?

Yes, there is.

Can I pair these with a cellphone (bluetooth) ? like, using teams or whatsapp thru the phone and using this as camera, mic and speaker?

No, C50 does not support bluetooth and cannot be connected to the mobile phone.

How to upgrade C50?

You can upgrade C50 by NEARITY Device Upgrade Firmware(Nearsync).

How long does delivery take?

It usually takes about 2-7 business days.

I ordered more than one items. Will they all be delivered at the same time?

We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used, depending on the product. Once an item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.

What is the resolution of NEARITY C50's output?

The NEARITY C50 has a 1080p output resolution. We recommend this option for large conference rooms and classrooms.

What’s the difference between connecting with USB cable only and the extra Power Adaptor?

Connecting with an extra Power Adaptor can increase equipment power, especially the audio output.

What video conferencing softwares does the NEARITY C50 work with?

It works with nearly all web-based video ocnferencing softwares, including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc.

Does this have a Full Duplex microphone so multiple speakers can be heard clearly by all participants on the other end?

Yes, C50 supports full duplex communication.

How will my delivery be shipped?

Amazon functions as our logistics partner to ship our NEARITY products. They will choose the carrier that they think works best for our customers.