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Nearity Products Win Red Dot Design Award
Release Time:2023-08-03

Nearity has achieved tremendous success in the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, with three of its outstanding products winning the hearts of the jury. The A50 Ceiling Array Microphone, LS300 Stream Camera, and AM10P Desktop Microphone have all been recognized for their exceptional design and innovation.

Nearity A50 Ceiling Array Microphone

Nearity A50, the ultimate professional conference speakermic specifically engineered for large halls and expansive rooms. With its exceptional capabilities, this cutting-edge device can effortlessly capture voices within an impressive 10m x 10m (33ft x 33ft) range, ensuring optimal coverage for even the most spacious conference rooms. 91-array microphone, combined with advanced audio technology, A50 is destinated to deliver crystal-clear voice transmission to remote participants. Every word and nuance will be conveyed with unparalleled clarity, enhancing communication, and fostering seamless collaboration. the Nearity A50 features a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates with any environment. Its minimalist aesthetic allows for discreet installation on either the ceiling or the wall, leaving no visible traces and preserving the room's clean and elegant ambiance.

LS300 Live Streaming Camera

Nearity's groundbreaking livestreaming video camera: LS300. With its impressive 20× optical zoom capabilities, this camera ensures that every detail is captured with stunning clarity, even from a distance. You can count on the LS300 to maintain full-HD 1080p video quality throughout your livestream, providing your audience with a visually immersive experience.

One of the standout features of the LS300 is Nearity's exceptional audio technology. Equipped with Automatic Gain Control and AI Noise Cancellation, this camera eliminates the need for an external professional microphone. You can rely on the LS300 to deliver crystal-clear audio, free from background noise, enhancing the overall quality of your livestream. LS300 also has convenient features such as face detection and auto focus. These features ensure that you are always in the center of attention without adjusting camera, with a stable and focused image throughout your livestream.

AM10P Desktop Microphone

The Nearity AM10P is a versatile desktop shotgun microphone that offers both wired and wireless connectivity options, could be used in conference and with mobile recording device like cellphone or camera. It incorporates a linear array of 8 microphones with impressive directional pickup feature and digital signal processing that suppresses noise and picks up clear voice. The audio recording mode can be user-defined by enhancing the pick-up directivity along different directions. In addition, AM10P features three directivity patterns at user’s option, allowing user to freely switch depending on the ambient pick-up needs.

“I am thrilled that our products have received these awards. These accolades validate the maturity of Nearity's technological advancements and inspire the creation of even more impactful solutions in the future.” Said the Industrial Designer of Nearity, “These products have been meticulously designed to enhance the convenience of conferencing, online communication, and creative endeavors.”

About Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious international design competition that recognizes and celebrates excellence in design and innovation across various industries. The Red Dot Design Award has gained significant global recognition, attracting submissions from all field. Winning this prestigious award is a testament to a product's exceptional design quality and innovation, and it serves as a mark of distinction in the design industry.

About Nearity

NEARITY is a company dedicated to improving audio and video quality and creating innovative solutions for distance collaboration for businesses of all sizes. With a focus on developing cutting-edge technology, NEARITY is proud to offer leading solutions like daisy-chain technology, AI noise suppression, and full duplex technology, which ensure that online meetings are distraction-free and effective.

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