NEARITY is an innovative solution provider for distance collaboration, with audio as its core competency.

We are on the mission to bring people & institutions near to each other by highly sophisticated audiovisual gears.

Empowered by pioneering audio technology, combination of deep learning and traditional signal processing, we can offer full portfolio from entry level to high-end solutions to help distance collaboration easier, higher-efficient and more affordable.

Ключевые технологии

NEARITY Технология захвата звука без потерь


Снижение шума кондиционераПодавление шума шаговПодавление шума щелчков клавиатурыПодавление шума при перелистывании документов

Подавление Эха

Двусторонняя аудиосвязь

Двусторонняя аудиосвязь

Автоматическая регулировка усиления

Автоматическая регулировка усиления

Снижение шума кондиционера
Снижение шума кондиционера
Снижение шума кондиционера

Advanced Video Technology

Nearity's video technology facilitates seamless and effortless video meetings with advanced features such as auto-framing, zone-following, and speaker-tracking. These features enable the technology to detect individuals and adjust framing accordingly, resulting in immersive and engaging meeting experiences.

Auto-framing is available for V30, C30R, C45 and V520D

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