All-In-One Conference Camera

For medium and small rooms


NEARITY’s C30R drives meetings and organizations forward with adaptable AI functions and powerful hardware.
NEARITY C30R, Meeting Bar,front view
NEARITY C30R, Meeting Bar,front view
NEARITY C30R, Meeting Bar, All-in-one
NEARITY C30R, Meeting Bar, Easy Deployment, Plug and Play

Ultimate Tool for Huddling

The C30R is the perfect choice for small spaces and huddle rooms, with its comprehensive AI capabilities and powerful hardware. It helps drive meetings and organizations forward, making it an invaluable asset.

Wide Angle to Frame Everyone in the Picture

The 4K UHD video resolution of the C30R all-in-one conference camera creates a sense of being in the same room as others, while the 120° super wide angle lens ensures that everyone is included in the frame.

Frame You at the Center of the Picture for Meeting Freedom

C30R's Proprietary AI algorithms power features such as auto-framing, close-up group, and speaker tracking, creating a more engaging and efficient meeting experience.

Less Noise Distractions for More Productivities

C30R all-in-one conference camera ships with a deep-learning AI algorithm to reduce background noise and enhance audio quality during meetings. This technology effectively eliminates non-stationary noise, such as keyboard typing and mouse clicks, to provide a clear and uninterrupted audio experience.

Daisy-chain for Enhanced Audio Clarity

C30R is Daisy-chain ready. You can expand your web conference coverage to larger or more complex areas by connecting up to 4 NEARITY A20 SpeakerMics.

Compatible Platforms

Compatible with a wide range of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch, Facebook Live, xsplit, OBS, etc.
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


카메라 기능
  • f/1.8 조리개
  • 센서: Sony 1/2.8 인치 CMOS
  • 최대 픽셀: 8MP
  • 6x digital zoom
  • FOV(D):120°
  • FOV(H): 110°
  • FOV(H): 75°
  • 렌즈 왜곡 보정이 지원
  • 깜박임 방지 지원
  • 자동 화이트 밸런스 및 노출 지원
  • 3D 노이즈 억제 지원
  • UHD (4K)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • YUV:max of 480P@30fps
  • MJPEG:max of 1080P@30fps
  • H264:max of 2160P@25fps
  • 화자 추적 지원
  • 클로즈업 그룹 지원
  • 자동 프레임 지원
마이크 기능
  • 5-element 180° 마이크어레이
  • -38dBV/Pa 94dB SPL@1kHz
  • 63dBV/Pa 94dB SPL@1kHz,A-weighted
  • Effective pickup distance: 5m
유효 수음 거리 : 5m
  • 정격 출력 전력: 4Ω/1.5w
  • 스피커 주파수 응답: 160Hz ~ 20kHz
  • 스피커 볼륨: 80±3dB(800,1000,1200,1500Hz)@1W/1m
  • C30R.params_detail4_4
오디오 특성
  • Direction of arrival (DOA) 지원
  • 빔포밍 지원
  • 최대 배경 소음 억제:18dB
  • Full duplex communication
  • Echo cancellation: coupling loss≥56dB
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 5미터 이내
  • 잔향 억제: RT60<1s
데이지 체인
  • POE UTP RJ45 (CAT6)
크기 및 무게
  • 높이: 81mm (3.2 inches)
  • 넖이: 570mm (22 inches)
  • 깊이: 77mm (3 inches)
  • Net weight: 2033g(incl. brachet 250g)
  • 총 무게: 3410g
  • 색상: lunar rock gray
  • Desktop Bracket(기본)/TV brachet(선택)/wall brachet(선택)
  • C30R.params_detail7_8
전원 및 연결
  • 입력: DC 48V/1.35A
  • 운영체제 지원: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • USB port: USB2.0 Type-C