Best in Class Ceiling Array Microphone

For Meeting Rooms and Classrooms

  • The built-in 91 MEMS microphone array for precise, customizable audio capture

  • Daisy-chain up to 8 units for versatile spatial adaptation

  • Three adjustable beam options, capture speaker audio seamlessly in busy lecture halls, seminars, or conferences

  • Professional audio made user friendly;

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Best in Class Ceiling Array Microphone

For Meeting Rooms and Classrooms

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Complete Ceiling Array Microphone System

The Nearity A50 ceiling microphone guarantees comprehensive voice capture, regardless of the participant's position within the conference space. Specifically designed for classroom and conference halls, it ensures exceptional audio coverage and clarity.


Ideal for classroom&conference halls&collaboration spaces


Capture every voice in all your workspaces


The practical solution enabling cable-free tables and flexible furniture arrangements


Daisy chain Max to 8 Units to fit all size spaces


Simplify device management effortlessly

What’s On The Inside?

Why Pick Ceiling Microphone?

4 reasons why Nearity Ceiling Microphone System is the ultimate solution for classrooms, conference halls, and collaboration spaces.

Ideal for classroom&conference halls&collaboration spaces

The Nearity ceiling microphone system stands as an innovative solution enabling cable-free tables and versatile furniture arrangements. It offers three user modes—Sound reinforcement, Remote conference, and Hybrid Mode—to suit various applications, from classrooms and expansive rooms to collaborative spaces.

Superior sound quality

Even amidst the inherent bustling background noise common in lectures, seminars, or conferences, the Nearity ceiling microphone excels in capturing speaker audio seamlessly, thanks to its advanced deep-learning AI algorithms, echo cancellation, automatic gain control (AGC), reverberation suppression, howling suppression.

Capture every voice in all your workspaces

Equipped with a 91-microphone array and advanced 12 deep sidelobe beamforming technology, the Nearity ceiling microphone ensures that every voice in the conference is captured, no matter where they are located.

Simplify device management effortlessly

Simplify device management, remote monitoring, and troubleshooting with the NearSync management platform that provides advanced configurations, integrations, and analytics.

The ceiling microphone solutions for any spaces

Core ApplicationSound ReinforcementRecording
Your Recommended Bundle:
From $ 5755
A50 Ceiling Array Microphone
ASP100/ASP110 Loudspeaker
ACT10 Controller
AMX100 Digital Signal Processor

Tech Specs
What’s in the box
  • 1X A50 Ceiling Microphone
  • 4X Steel Rope Components
  • 4X Eyebolts
  • 4X Steel Rope Components
  • 1X Ethernet cable
  • User Manual

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