For huddle rooms


16ft range and advanced beamforming make A11 the wise choice for personal offices, small conference rooms, and one the go collaboration.
A11 front view
A11 front view
A11 bottom view
A11 top view

Professional sound

The A11 Conference Speaker Mic has a 4-element omnidirectional microphone array that captures sound from all directions within a 4-meter radius. This ensures everyone's voice is heard in conference rooms.

Intelligent noise suppression

The AI-powered algorithms in this system can automatically detect and eliminate various types of background noise, such as those from keyboards and HVAC systems, to provide a clearer audio experience.

Premium remote working experience

The A11 Conference Speaker Mic features full duplex communication and beamforming microphones, allowing multiple speakers to talk and be heard simultaneously without losing audio quality. This ensures that every word is clear and easy to understand.

Touch button

The touch-sensitive feature buttons on the A11 Conference Speaker Mic allow you to easily access and control various functions, including muting and volume control. These buttons are designed to make it convenient to use the frequently used features of the device.

Compatible Platforms

Compatible with a wide range of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch, Facebook Live, xsplit, OBS, etc.
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


크기 및 무게
  • 높이: 64mm(2.5인치)
  • 폭: 120mm(4.7인치)
  • 깊이: 120mm(4.7인치)
  • 순중량: 544g
  • 색상: galaxy gray
오디오 특성
  • 빔포밍 지원
  • 최대 배경 소음 억제:18dB
  • Full duplex communication
  • Echo cancellation: coupling loss≥56dB
  • 4m 이내 자동 게인 컨트롤(AGC)
  • 잔향 억제: RT60<1s
마이크 기능
  • 4소켓 전방향성 마이크 어레이
  • 유효 수음 거리 : 4m
  • 63dBV/Pa 94dB SPL@1kHz,A-weighted
  • -38dBV/Pa 94dB SPL@1kHz
전원 및 연결
  • 외부 전원 공급 장치: USB 5V/0.5a
  • 운영체제 지원: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • USB port: USB2.0 Type-C
유효 수음 거리 : 5m
  • 정격 출력 전력: 4Ω/1W
  • 스피커 주파수 응답: 145Hz~10kHz
  • 스피커 볼륨: 80±3dB(500,600,800,1200Hz) @1W/1m
  • THD<3%
  • A11.params_detail6_1
  • A11.params_detail6_2
  • A11.params_detail6_3