4K PTZ Conference Camera

For large and medium rooms


The V415 offers a 15x zoom and a 350° pan range, allowing for clear and precise focus during professional conferences and meetings.
NEARITY V415, 4K, PTZ Conference Camera,front view
NEARITY V415, 4K, PTZ Conference Camera,front view
NEARITY V415, 15x zoom, 350° pan range
NEARITY V415, 15x zoom, 350° pan range

15x Combined Zoom Captures Every Detail in the Conference

The V415's 5x optical and 3x digital zoom lens, along with a 350° pan range, enables capturing every detail in the room, including clear views of meeting participants and front screen content.

Go Online with 4K Ultra-HD Video Quality

The V415 PTZ conference camera provides HD and Ultra HD video conferencing solutions with exceptional video sharpness and vivid color reproduction.

Productive application scenarios

V415 PTZ conference camera can be used in any size of meeting spaces, from conference rooms to training rooms and classrooms.

Support for Multiple Interfaces

The USB, HDMI, and RJ45 ports allow for various connections, including connecting to a console center, displaying multiple channels on a single screen, connecting to a desktop, and more.

Designed With Privacy & Security in Mind

After meetings, V415 automatically swivels to the rear to protect privacy by default. This feature ensures that the camera is not facing into the room when there's no meeting and provides an added layer of security for the workforce.

Compatible Platforms

Compatible with a wide range of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch, Facebook Live, xsplit, OBS, etc.
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


카메라 기능
  • F 1.8 조리개
  • 센서: 1/2.8인치 CMOS
  • 최대 픽셀: 8MP
  • 광학 줌 5배 + 디지털 줌 3배
  • FOV(D): 폭 93° tele 25°
  • FOV(H): 폭 85° tele 21°
  • FOV(V): 폭 52° tele 12°
  • 비왜곡 렌즈
  • 깜박임 방지 지원
  • 자동 노출
  • 자동 화이트 밸런스
  • 3차원 소음 억제
  • 1080P
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • YUV:max of 480P@30fps
  • MJPEG:max of 1080P@30fps
  • H264:최대 2160P@30fps
  • V415.params_detail3_10
  • 팬/기울기 범위: 팬: ±175°, 틸트: ±30°
  • 팬 속도: 1.7°~100°/s
  • 틸트 속도: 0.7°~28°/s
  • H & V 플립 지원
  • 사전 설정 정확도: 0.5°
  • 개인 정보 보호 지원
전원 및 연결
  • 외부 전원 공급 장치: DC 12V-1.5a
  • 운영체제 지원: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • USB2.0 Type-C
  • HDMI 포트 및 RJ45 이더넷 포트 (NDI 프로토콜)
크기 및 무게
  • 높이: 166mm (6.5인치)
  • 폭 : 153mm (6인치)
  • 깊이: 153mm (6인치)
  • 순중량: 1061g
  • 총중량:1966g
  • V415.params_detail7_1
  • V415.params_detail8_1
  • V415.params_detail9_1
  • V415.params_detail9_2
  • V415.params_detail9_3
  • V415.params_detail9_4
  • V415.params_detail9_5