For medium and small conference rooms


The V410 PTZ conference camera delivers exceptional clarity with its 10x zoom and 350° pan range. It's a powerful plug-and-play solution that meets all your video conferencing requirements.
NEARITY V410, 2K, PTZ Conference Camera, front
NEARITY V410, 2K, PTZ Conference Camera, front
NEARITY V410, 10x zoom, 350° pan range
NEARITY V410, plug-and-play

Make a Pro Impression in High-Definition

V410 is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms. With its 120° field of view and 350° pan range, you can easily capture wide shots. The 10x zoom ensures that conference speakers are captured in vivid detail.

HDR-ready Conference Camera

V410 delivers professional clarity in meetings, even in low-light conditions, thanks to its HDR capability and automatic white balance adjustment. Now you can stand out with confidence and clear visuals.

Designed With Privacy & Security in Mind

The V410 video conferencing camera provides an extra layer of security for your workforce by automatically pivoting to the rear after meetings, shielding privacy by default. This feature ensures that the camera is not pointing into the room when there is no ongoing meeting.

Easy To Set Up and Work With Most Video Conference Platforms

V410 can be easily connected to your computer or laptop via a USB Type-C interface, making it a convenient solution for conference rooms. It is compatible with a majority of video conferencing applications on computers.

Preset Camera View

V410 PTZ conference camera comes with four preset camera positions and the option to configure them with just one button on the controller. This feature expertly captures all the key speakers in the conference room.

Compatible Platforms

Compatible with a wide range of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch, Facebook Live, xsplit, OBS, etc.
NEARITY Compatible Platforms


카메라 기능
  • F 1.66~3.03 조리개
  • 센서: 1/2.8인치 SONY CMOS, 최대 픽셀: 4MP
  • 3x 옵티컬줌 + 3.3x 디지털줌
  • 2K QHD
  • FOV(D) wide 120° tele35°
  • FOV(H) wide 99° tele32°
  • 깜박임 방지 지원
  • 자동 노출 지원
  • 자동 화이트 밸런스 지원
  • 3차원 소음 억제
  • QHD [2K]
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • YUV:최대 480P@30fps
  • MJPEG: 최대 1080P@30fps
  • H264:최대 1440P@30fps
  • V410.params_detail3_10
원격 제어
  • 적외선 리모컨
  • 리모컨을 장치 앞에서 90° 각도로 사용하십시오.
  • 팬/기울기 범위: 팬: ±175°, 틸트: ±30°
  • 팬 속도: 1.7°~100°/s
  • 틸트 속도: 0.7°~28°/s
  • H & V 플립 지원
  • 사전 설정 정확도: 0.5°
  • 사전 설정된 프리셋 4개
  • 개인 정보 보호 지원
전원 및 연결
  • 외부 전원 공급 장치: DC 12V-1.5a
  • USB2.0 Type-C
  • 이더넷 포트: RJ45
크기 및 무게
  • 높이: 166mm(6.5인치)
  • 폭: 153mm(6인치)
  • 깊이: 153mm(6인치)
  • 순중량: 926.5g
  • 색상: green smoke
  • V410.params_detail7_1
  • V410.params_detail8_1
  • V410.params_detail9_1
  • V410.params_detail9_2
  • V410.params_detail9_3
  • V410.params_detail9_4
  • V410.params_detail9_5