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It's 2023, and remote work has become increasingly popular as companies and employees recognize the benefits of working from anywhere.


Why Virtual Meeting is Important


As remote working expands, enterprises must find ways to keep their teams connected and productive. Virtual meetings are an excellent tool for communication, allowing remote teams to connect in real time, regardless of location. 


Not only are they more cost-effective than in-person meetings, but they also save staff time and money on travel. When it comes to remote teams, choosing the right virtual meeting tech is essential. 


This article will explore the features and benefits of various virtual meeting tech solutions for hybrid work. We'll discuss the key factors to consider when evaluating different options and tips for ensuring a successful virtual meeting experience. 


By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of how to select a virtual meeting technology that meets your team's specific needs and preferences.


Features to Consider for Virtual Meeting Technology


Size of meeting rooms

A room that is too small or too large for the number of participants can result in issues such as poor audio quality, difficulty hearing and understanding other participants, or lack of visibility for some participants.


Secure connections

There are two popular connections for meeting speakers: Bluetooth connection and USB connection.


Bluetooth connection:


  • Convenient and easy to connect to devices without needing any cables.
  • It allows for more mobility during meetings as the speaker/mic can be placed farther away from the device.


  • The audio quality may not be as good as a wired connection, and there may be a potential for interference or dropped connections.
  • It may delay or lag in audio transmission, which can be frustrating during conversations.


USB connection: 


  • Provides a reliable and stable connection with the high-quality audio transmission.
  • Easy to set up and use, without additional software or drivers.
  • It offers a consistent power source, ensuring the speaker/mic does not run out of battery during use.


  • Limits mobility as the device must be connected to the computer via cable.
  • You can only connect to one device at a time.



Reliable video quality


Resolution: Higher resolutions generally result in a sharper and more detailed video.


Field of view: Cameras with a wide field of view can capture more of the room, making it easier to see and hear everyone in the meeting.


Zoom: Cameras with good zoom capabilities can provide close-ups of individual participants or details in the room, making it easier to see and hear what is happening.


Color accuracy: Cameras with good color accuracy can produce natural and realistic video.


Reliable audio quality

  • Noise/echo cancellation ability to cancel the background noise
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Compatibility: The ability of the speakerphone to work with different devices and platforms.
  • Flexibility for different-sized meeting room


Best virtual meeting tech for meeting rooms of all sizes


Small meeting rooms

Small meeting or huddle rooms are usually designed in the corners of the office or near common areas, which can lead to much noise.


All-in-one conference camera


NEARITY C45 All-In-One speakerphone camera is the perfect solution for small team meetings, thanks to its 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens, 4-element 360-degree beamforming speakerphone array, and 6-meter audio pickup range. Its advanced deep-learning AI algorithm effectively reduces background noise and enhances audio quality during meetings, especially in complex environments with non-stationary noise like moving and home offices.



NEARITY C30R is the perfect all-in-one conference camera for small spaces and huddle rooms. The 4K UHD video resolution creates a sense of being in the same room as others, while the 120° super wide angle lens ensures that everyone is included in the frame, ensuring the meeting equity.


Medium meeting rooms

Medium-sized meeting rooms are often very popular due to their versatility and flexibility. They can accommodate a variety of meetings, such as team meetings, client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and presentations. The techs' recommendations are below:


Smart Whiteboard

Smart Whiteboards can help create presentations, brainstorm ideas, and facilitate group discussions. It is also an excellent tool for visualizing complex information and making it easier to understand.




NEARITY A20's daisy chain technology is incredibly versatile, enabling the device to connect with multiple units to cover rooms of various sizes and shapes. This ensures that people sitting in the corner of the room are heard clearly. Furthermore, A20 ensures that the sound quality will remain consistent and clear when connected with multiple units.


Wide angle camera

A wide-angle camera can capture a wider field of view, capturing more of the room and all the participants in a single shot and making it easier for the speaker or presenter to move around without leaving the frame. Additionally, it can reduce the need for multiple cameras or manual camera adjustments, making the meeting more efficient and seamless.


NEARITY V415's 5x optical and 3x digital zoom lens, along with a 350° pan range, enables capturing every detail in the room, including clear views of meeting participants and front screen content.


Large meeting rooms


PTZ Camera


NEARITY V520D is a versatile PTZ conference camera ideal for classrooms, auditoriums, and large meeting rooms. It has a dual-lens PTZ system for pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. With AI, the camera can offer zone-tracking to ensure the speaker is always at the center of the picture.


Speakermic with Daisy Chain technology

The NEARITY A20 allows you to daisy-chain up to 5 units to cover large meeting rooms that can accommodate from 40 to an even larger group of people. With this setup, you'll be able to provide clear and crisp audio throughout the entire space, ensuring everyone hears every word said.


Control system

A control system is helpful because it can help streamline and simplify the management of video conferencing devices, including updating firmware, adjusting settings, and troubleshooting issues.


Selecting the correct virtual meeting technology for remote teams is very important. To make sure you pick the right one for your team, consider their needs, money, and objectives. Also, look at the advantages and features of different meeting tech solutions, and read customer reviews.


Also, remember that technology alone cannot solve all communication problems, and it is essential to have clear communication guidelines and etiquette to ensure successful remote collaboration.


By choosing the right virtual meeting technology and having effective communication practices, you can ensure that your remote team stays connected and productive.

Recommended Products

A21S top view


NEARITY V520D, Dual-Lens, PTZ Conference Camera, front view


NEARITY V415, 4K, PTZ Conference Camera,front view

V415 4K PTZ Conference Camera

NEARITY V410, 2K, PTZ Conference Camera, front


A11 front view


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