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When it comes to important video conferences while traveling or working from home, choosing the right speakerphone can make all the difference. Speakerphones allow you to talk to someone while doing other tasks, without having to hold the phone to your ear. Hands-free conversations is especially important during long meetings, which provide a more natural and immersive experience compared to holding your phone or using earbuds. In this article, we will discuss different types of speakerphones, such as Jabra speakerphones and Bluetooth speakerphones, which can enhance your phone call experience.

What is a Speakerphone?

A speakerphone is a communication device that enables users to conduct phone calls hands-free. Instead of holding the phone up to the ear, the speakerphone broadcasts the call's audio via a built-in speaker, while a microphone captures the user's voice and relays it to the other party. This feature facilitates free movement and even multitasking while engaged in a phone conversation.

Top Speakerphone Recommendations

Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone: 6 Microphone Array -Stand up, walk around, and be confident knowing that PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone has 360° voice pick up and covers your entire meeting space. Supports 5 units cascaded via Bluetooth. This product is in "Excellent condition". The screen and body show no signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches away. When present, batteries have a capacity that exceeds 80% of the new equivalent.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/26c7b045-5187-449a-8640-fbae724a7617.jpeg

The Dell Speakerphone SP3022: It has an elongated form factor in a new design language that harmonizes the product in the home. The natural radius on the back forms an integrated cable management system to enable simple storage and easy setup.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/0de604c1-1f3d-4532-a067-0a06796eb741.jpeg

Logitech P710E SpeakerphoneAn integrated stand positions a mobile phone or tablet at just the right angle for shake-free video calls and hands-free access to the mobile screen. The speaker can adjust its volume to a maximum of 85 decibels at a distance of 0.5 meters (1.6 feet) from the speaker. This volume level is equivalent to loud conversation or busy city traffic noise, so users can adjust the speaker's volume to adapt to the surrounding noise level and their own needs.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/5f7f4acc-493a-45c5-8800-0249b2582e5a.jpeg

Poly Sync 40 USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone:

Boasting a state-of-the-art 3 microphone steerable array, this speakerphone delivers crystal-clear audio with an effective pickup distance of up to 2.5m. The Poly Sync 40 also comes Zoom certified, ensuring a seamless communication experience for all users with the ability to connect two units via Bluetooth. https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/d7c12a06-c90b-406e-9982-f5c168ad1eab.jpeg

The Nearity A21S Conference SpeakerMic:

  1. AI2.0 Deeplearning Algorithms Noise Cancellation: The Nearity A21S Conference SpeakerMic comes with advanced noise-cancellation technology that automatically reduces over 300 common conference room noises, including keyboard sounds, footsteps, and air conditioning noise. This ensures that your voice remains crystal-clear during meetings, even in noisy environments.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/087a4a62-2920-421b-bf1e-22dc3290d492.png
  2. Daisy Chain Ability: With daisy-chained speakerphones extending the voice capture range, the Nearity A21S Conference SpeakerMic can cover any size meeting room, ensuring that every participant can be heard clearly, regardless of their position in the room.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/91cd8d0a-01dd-4add-9ed3-d293ce1b0355.png
  3. 8-element omnidirectional microphone array: The Nearity A21S Conference SpeakerMic features an 8-element omnidirectional microphone array that captures audio from all directions, ensuring that everyone's voice is picked up clearly and accurately.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/10c3cda3-2e2d-49fa-ba5e-fe367fda8f82.png

Compared to other models, the pros of the Nearity A21S Conference SpeakerMic are focused on its advanced noise-cancellation technology, extended range capabilities, and omnidirectional microphone array. This makes it a superior choice for conference rooms where audio quality is of utmost importance.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/8d0c8f2f-a86c-4a5f-893f-ee52c92b05d9.jpeg

Using Speakerphones in Different Scenarios

Speakerphones can be used in a variety of scenarios, from working from home to being on the go. Here are some examples:


The most common scenario where speakerphones are used is when working from home. As the name suggests, speakerphones allow us to use the phone's speaker instead of holding it up to our ear, freeing up our hands and enabling us to multitask. This feature comes in handy during conference calls, where you may need to take notes or access documents while on the call. Additionally, if you're someone who prefers to move around while talking, the speakerphone can be a lifesaver.

Go On

Whether you're traveling for work or going on vacation, speakerphones can make your life easier. When you're away from your desk, it's not always convenient to hold your phone up to your ear while taking a call. Using the speakerphone feature allows you to keep your hands free, so you can do other things while on the call.

Work from Everywhere

In today's fast-paced business environment, people are increasingly working from anywhere and everywhere. Whether you're at a coffee shop, co-working space, or airport lounge, background noise can be a real problem. The speakerphone feature can help filter out unwanted noise and allow you to hear the person on the other end of the line clearly. If you're someone who frequently works from noisy environments, investing in a good quality speakerphone can be a game-changer.


In conclusion, speakerphones are a useful tool for anyone who needs to communicate with others over the phone. By considering factors like sound quality, portability, and battery life, you can choose a speakerphone that meets your specific needs. Compared to other models, the pros of the Nearity A21S Conference SpeakerMic are focused on its advanced noise-cancellation technology, extended range capabilities, and omnidirectional microphone array. This makes it a superior choice for conference rooms where audio quality is of utmost importance.

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