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In the current hybrid work environment, remote work has become a crucial aspect for many organizations to maintain productivity and flexibility. Nearity is on a mission to bring remote workforces closer together with clean hybrid work solutions. We design products and meeting solutions that deliver a better, more flexible, and inclusive experience for enterprises and SMBs alike.

However, most video conference rooms still rely on old products, leading to technical difficulties and a lack of efficiency. For most Enterprise and SMBs, it can be difficult to update and renew products in meeting rooms when rebuilding the meeting rooms always need a big budget. That makes it harder to improve the experience of video conferences and remote collaboration. However, many companies still face challenges with traditional video conference equipment.

In this blog post, we explore some of the common problems encountered with video conference products and how to solve them.

  1. Long Time for Starting Meetings

Have you ever experienced the frustration of starting a video conference call, only to find that the microphones and speakers require constant adjustment and testing? This issue can consume valuable time before starting the meeting with remote colleagues, resulting in delays and wasted time for all participants.

  1. High demand on the IT team

Traditional video conference equipment requires complex wired deployments, putting a high demand on the IT team. This demand can lead to delayed meetings and wasted time for all participants. Furthermore, the maintenance of this equipment can be time-consuming and costly.

  1. Hard Maintenance

The maintenance of traditional video conference equipment can be a challenging task. Troubleshooting technical issues, replacing faulty equipment, and managing software updates can all be time-consuming and expensive.

  1. Expensive for Complex Wired Deployment

Traditional video conference equipment can be expensive to install and deploy due to complex wiring requirements. Moreover, One product does not fit all sizes of meeting rooms, it requires more time and costs to meet different needs.

  • Traditional meeting rooms with complex wired deployment
  1. Technological Challenges for Huddle Rooms

Meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and huddle rooms have become a popular choice for small teams. However, noise cancellation and de-reverberation are big challenges in these spaces.

To solve these frequent problems of traditional meeting rooms, we designed an innovative product called A21S which is a microphone with advanced audio technology, offering an ultimate solution to upgrade the experience of remote meetings and hybrid work.

  • Innovative solution of neatly wired deployment with Nearity A21S/A20
  1. How Nearity A21S Powers Virtual Meetings?

The A21S is a game-changer for video conferences. Its daisy chain ability to extend the pickup voice range with a POE connection is one of its biggest advantages. It is easy to install and operate with a neat meeting room table, making it a breeze to use with its plug-and-play feature. Unlike traditional video conference rooms that rely on DSP for multiple loudspeakers and microphones, the A21S requires minimal adjustments.

  1. One SKU Fits All

Another advantage of the A21S is its adaptability. It comes in one SKU that fits all room sizes, making it easy to set up and deploy on a large scale. With the A21S, you can use 1-2 units for small rooms, 2-3 units for medium rooms, and 4-5 units for large rooms. It's IT-friendly, Which makes it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. 

  1. Next Generation AI2.0 Algorithm

Background noise can be a significant distraction during meetings, making it difficult to hear what others are saying. A21S comes with AI Noise Reduction, which uses deep learning algorithms to reduce more than 300 common background noises in video conference rooms. This feature is effective regardless of the room size, shape, or location, whether it's a huddle room with glass or located near noisy streets.

Testing the Noise Cancellation of Nearity A21S with a Hair Dryer: Discover How Well It Works!

Nearity A21S Noise Cancellation Test: Testing Chair Dragging Sounds

Nearity A21S Noise Cancellation Test: Hear the Difference with a Clicking Keyboard

Experience Noise-Free Sound with Nearity A21S: Tested against an Electric Drill

  1. Enhance Your Meeting Experience with Full Duplex Communication

The A21S is designed to bring your conference meeting to a higher level. Featuring full duplex communication and a beamforming mic array, it enables multi speakers to be heard clearly and simultaneously at both ends of the call without any missing words. 

In conclusion, with the rise of hybrid work environments, video conference rooms have become an essential aspect of remote collaboration. However, traditional video conference equipment poses several challenges. To address these challenges, Nearity A21S was developed. With its AI-powered noise reduction, De-reverberation, 8 MEMS microphone array, stability, adaptability, and full duplex communication, the A21S can provide the ultimate solution to upgrade the experience of remote meetings and hybrid work by improving communication, productivity, and overall satisfaction in your video conferences. So why settle for sub-par audio quality during virtual meetings when you can upgrade to the Nearity A21S? Make the smart choice right now and revolutionize your remote communication experience with us!

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