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Taking notes during meetings can be time-consuming and distracting. Fortunately, Descript offers an all-in-one software program that allows you to record your Zoom meetings and instantly transcribe them in real-time or in post-production using AI technology. This comprehensive tool also provides features for audio transcription, podcasting, and video editing. In this tutorial, we'll focus on screen recording and show you how to configure Descript to record and transcribe every word spoken by each participant in your meeting.

Why Descript?

Descript's multitrack recording feature records a separate track for every participant in your remote meeting. Once the meeting ends, Descript automatically creates a combined transcript that allows you to make edits to each participant's individual track.

Here are a few key features Descript offers:

  1. Text-based editing: Descript allows you to edit audio and video by editing the transcribed text, which is automatically generated from the audio or video.
  2. Transcription: Descript automatically transcribes your audio and video files using AI, saving you the time and effort of manually transcribing them.
  3. Multi-track editing: Descript allows you to edit multiple tracks of audio and video simultaneously, making it easy to edit interviews, podcasts, and other content.
  4. Collaboration: Descript makes it easy to collaborate with others on editing projects. You can invite others to collaborate, give them specific permissions, and see each other’s changes in real-time.

Overall, Descript provides a user-friendly platform to edit Zoom recordings and create polished, professional-looking content.


Ways of Post-production Transcription of Your Remote Recordings

  1. To begin, launch your Zoom application. Next, navigate to the top-right corner and click on your profile picture. From there, choose the Settings

  1. Then locate and click on the Recording tab situated in the left-hand sidebar. Then, select the checkbox labeled Record a separate audio file for each participant. After completing this step, you may proceed to close out of the Settings

  1. Once you've completed the previous steps, you can now proceed with recording your meeting as usual by simply clicking the Record button located at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.

  1. After concluding your meeting, you might receive a notification informing you that the recorded session is currently being converted.

  1. Once the conversion process is complete, a new window will pop up directing you to the location of your recorded files. This is where you can find and access the different audio and video files related to your Zoom meeting.

  1. Then open the Descript desktop app and initiate a new project. Next, import your video clip by dragging and dropping the respective file into the project.

You are now all set to begin your post-creation process! Besides post-production transcription of your remote recordings you can also transcribe and record your Zoom calls in real time.


Simultaneously Auto-Transcribe and Record Zoom Calls with Descript

  1. Create a New Project in Descript

  • To create a new project, select Project from the dropdown menu after clicking on the +New option on the Home

  • After providing a title for your project, click on Create Project to initiate the project creation process.

  1. Zoom Setup.

  • Instruct your guest to navigate to the icon in the menu bar, select Preferences

  • Then proceed to click on the Audio tab situated in the left-hand sidebar.

  • Choose Low under the Suppress background noise option

  • Mark the Show in-meeting option checkbox to activate Original Sound via microphone. Additionally, tick the box for High fidelity music mode while unchecking the box for Echo cancellation.

  • Repeat this process in Zoom for the host as well, then once complete, switch back over to Descript.


  1. Customize the Descript Settings According to Your Preferences

  • After closing the Settings tab in Zoom, navigate to Descript. Click on the Microphone icon at the top of the Descript window, then choose the Recording Settings (gear) icon.

  • From the dropdown menu, choose your microphone and mark the Transcribe Recording option to enable automatic transcription in real-time when your Zoom recording starts.

To label yourself as the speaker, click on the Track Label and then type your name into the Speaker Label box before hitting the Return key.

  • To create a new track for a participant in a meeting, click on the Plus (+) icon, and then enter their name in the Speaker Label box.

  • Afterward, choose Computer Audio by clicking on the Input Source Dropdown

  • In case of a pop-up notification that indicates the output settings of third-party apps might have to be adjusted, click OK. Repeat the last two steps for all meeting attendees.


Now you can experience simultaneous recording and transcription with ease!



By following the step-by-step guide provided in this blog post, you can set up and configure Descript to record and transcribe your Zoom meetings with ease. Whether you're looking to streamline note-taking during meetings or create compelling multimedia content, Descript offers an all-in-one solution to meet your needs.


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