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Compelled by the epidemic as well as the development of the times, remote conferencing has become indispensable in the social horizon. As one of the go-to web conferencing solutions on the market, Google Meet has witnessed a surge in popularity, a trend accelerated by the proliferation of online education and various remote engagements necessitating a spectrum of pricing and plans. Though mainly web-based, it is available for smartphones and tablets. With an intuitive interface, unrivaled compatibility with other Google Workspace tools and other intuitive functions, it has revolutionized the way we connect with others from anywhere in the world.

Pricing and Plans of Google Meet

One of the immediate advantages of using Meet is that it is free to use through your Google account, while this may be quite robust for individual professionals and it even has options that would make it appealing for small business owners. However, for large companies expecting hundreds of meeting participants, it will typically need to purchase a Google Workspace plan to help get the most out of Meet.

Google Meet pricing ranges from $6 to $18 per user, per month, which is the cost of Google Workspace suite subscription. Once you've done that, you'll be able to use the call conferencing service to schedule, host, and manage video meetings without paying anything else. There are choices from free to enterprises, including starter, standard and plus for corresponding licenses, participants and time limit.

For instance, by signing up for a Google Workspace plan, your business can hold meetings for up to 1,000 participants. Premium Google Meet allows companies to record meetings, track attendance, use noise cancellation and use in-domain live streaming. With enterprise-level plans, it is also possible to livestream from Google Meet to YouTube.

Features of Google Meet

Google Meet offers a wide range of intuitive features and a few supplementary benefits designed to render the video chat experience both effortless and pleasurable. Highlighted below are some of the principal features accessible on the Google Meet platform.

  1. Low-cost video and audio conferencing

Even when upgrading to premium business plans, Google Meet provides a cost-effective method for businesses of all sizes to network within and outside the organization efficiently.

  1. Meetings with hundreds of participants

Depending on your service plan, you can hold a meeting with a couple of hundred or up to a thousand participants. By recording meetings or streaming to YouTube, the number of people seeing the meeting could be especially large.

  1. Share screens

 Easily present slide shows or other information during the meeting by selecting the “share screen” button.

  1. Ensuring privacy

You can blur or substitute background images to protect your privacy during meetings or avoid unnecessary distractions.

  1. Interactivity tools

Google Meet provides features that encourage engagement during meetings. For example, those in meetings can raise their hand to ask questions, react to news with available emojis or use the chat to ask questions and share links.

  1. Live captioningfunctionality

Thanks to Google's wealth of data and computing power, the live captions for Google Meet are quick and accurate, so your team members can stay properly informed throughout the meeting.

  1. Video and audio preview screen before you join

After clicking your meeting code or link, you can adjust your camera and mic and see how you look before entering the meeting. You'll also get a preview of who has already joined the meeting.

Limitations of Google Meet

  1. Use as part of an all-in-one platform

Google Meet is not naturally intertwined with cloud communication tools that fall under the Google umbrella; it takes notable effort to use these products together. In contrast, competing products such as Ring Central or Dialpad provide omni-channel services on the same plan via downloadable software.

  1. Google-based whiteboards

Google is phasing out its native whiteboards, so you must find third-party whiteboards compatible with Meet.

  1. Avoiding Google purchases

Because Google Meet has no specific pricing plans, paying solely for premium video/audio conferencing software access is impossible. Getting premium business options outright requires committing to a Google Workspace plan, regardless of whether you want or need those other tools.

  1. Limited hardware solutions

While Google Meet is a decidedly popular video conferencing tool, Google doesn't offer branded video conferencing hardware solutions. Instead, its website showcases an array of hardware bundles from various manufacturers to accommodate different organizational and room sizes and get the business started with the best tools to conduct meetings. There are already three hardware bundle kits from Logitech. However, it can be much cheaper to choose the great SpeakerMic Nearity A20S and professional Camera Nearity V410 bringing a great number of useful functions as well. Then the high-quality remote conversation you expect beckons to you!


Overall, Google Meet is a versatile and reliable tool for virtual communication and collaboration. No matter what scale you need, Google Meet delivers an unparalleled and user-friendly experience, catering to all your video conferencing requisites.

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