Enhancing Conferences and Audio Quality with FineReport and Nearity's A20 Solution

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Founded in 2006, the company stands as a prominent BI and analytics platform provider within China. Specializing in business intelligence and data analytics, it has garnered recognition from industry authorities like Gartner, IDC, and CCID. The company's overarching goal is to furnish all-encompassing business intelligence solutions to global enterprises.

With sales exceeding 1.36 billion in 2022, the company has consistently ranked among China's top 50 Big Data firms from 2018 to 2021. Noteworthy is its sustained dominance in China's BI market share over the years, solidifying its position as the premier choice in the industry.


  1. Enhanced Communication Needs During Conferences

The first challenge revolves around addressing the extensive communication requirements of the customer's headquarters and operations center. This demand is especially critical during conferences, where effective communication is paramount. The company aims to provide a solution that ensures high-quality voice clarity, allowing seamless interaction among participants even in large-scale conference scenarios. Achieving this objective requires optimizing audio systems and technologies to minimize background noise, echoes, and disruptions, ultimately enhancing the overall conferencing experience.

  1. Subpar Audio Quality Impacting Communication Efficiency

The second challenge pertains to the inadequate audio quality of the customer's original equipment, which has severe implications for communication efficiency. The equipment's poor audio effects hinder clear and effective communication, leading to misunderstandings, delays, and reduced productivity. This deficiency is a notable concern as it directly affects the overall operational efficiency and effectiveness of the customer's operations. To address this issue, the company needs to design and implement a solution that substantially improves audio quality, allowing for crystal-clear communication and minimizing disruptions. This might involve adopting advanced audio processing technologies, noise cancellation features, and optimized hardware components to rectify the existing audio-related inefficiencies and meet the customer's communication requirements effectively.


Nearity's solution, the A20 Conference Speakermic, expertly resolves the communication challenges faced by the customer. For the first challenge of enhancing communication during conferences, the A20's cutting-edge 8-element omnidirectional MEMS microphone array excels in capturing sound from all directions within a 5-meter radius. This design ensures optimal voice clarity, allowing all participants to engage seamlessly in discussions. Moreover, the A20 incorporates advanced noise cancellation and de-reverberation capabilities that eliminate background noise and echoes, guaranteeing a distraction-free conference environment.

Addressing the second challenge of subpar audio quality, the A20 presents an innovative remedy. Its high-performance microphone array adeptly captures sound, even from participants at varying locations within the communication space. This surpasses the limitations of the customer's original equipment. Furthermore, the A20's USB plug-and-play functionality provides an efficient means to integrate the solution with the customer's existing audio and video devices. This adaptability allows the customer to leverage their current equipment, effectively reusing resources while experiencing significantly improved audio quality, ultimately bolstering communication efficiency.


Our customer, FineReport, a distinguished provider of big data BI and Analytics Platform, has established its prominence since 2006, receiving industry recognition and achieving substantial sales growth. In addressing challenges of conference communication and audio quality, the integration of Nearity's A20 Conference Speakermic stands out as a strategic solution. With advanced features including an 8-element omnidirectional MEMS microphone array and noise cancellation technology, this solution enhances conference interactions and resolves audio quality issues, demonstrating our customer's commitment to innovative problem-solving and industry leadership.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/c815052a-4b0e-4f8e-a15b-2beac9c1f2ae.pnghttps://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/96c2c89f-935e-4249-ab02-babbc67309ee.png  


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