Overcoming Remote Communication Challenges in a Game Company

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The company specializes in developing games and content, with a team of global R&D personnel. In order to facilitate cross-regional meetings, product briefings, and R&D synchronization, the company relies heavily on cloud conferencing. This technology allows team members to communicate seamlessly regardless of their physical location. To ensure smooth communication during major meetings, the company has equipped its meeting rooms with Windows conference tablets featuring built-in microphones and speakers. These tablets enable remote participants to join the conversation and contribute their ideas effectively, no matter where they are located.


  1. Poor audio quality due to reverberation in the high-end, glass meeting room.

The meeting room design in this project is high-end and avant-garde, with mostly glass structures that cause significant reverberation during remote meetings. As a result, the audio quality is poor, making it frustrating for R&D personnel to discuss product details for extended periods. To improve the situation, we need to explore acoustical solutions that can address the acoustic challenges of the room.

  1. Low collaborative efficiency caused by a large conference room with a poorly performing Windows conference tablet.

The large conference room in the company has a long depth, and the original Windows conference tablet has poor sound pickup performance. This restricted speech leads to low collaborative efficiency in discussions, as local speakers need to speak very loudly or constantly change positions to be near the device. To overcome this issue, we need to install high-quality microphones and speakers that can pick up and transmit speech clearly, regardless of the speaker's location.

  1. The urgent need for conference room renovation to upgrade the remote meeting experience, which comes with enormous costs.

Faced with the huge demand for upgraded remote meeting experiences, we urgently need to renovate the conference room. However, this comes with enormous upgrade costs, and we need to balance customers' actual usage needs with controlling costs, streamlining management, and improving efficiency. We need to explore cost-effective solutions for renovation that can meet the demands of our customers while also ensuring that our investments are sustainable and efficient.


To understand the needs of our users, the Nearity Professional Team conducted in-depth communication and exchange, as well as on-site investigations of conference rooms, both large and small. We recorded and analyzed their acoustic conditions and identified the A20 conference Speakermic as the ideal solution for overcoming remote communication difficulties faced by our users.

The A20 offers powerful noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities, which effectively solve various interferences in meetings. Additionally, the A20 has passed multiple certifications, including Tencent Meeting, ensuring its high-quality performance. With a focus on infinite fit with user needs, the Nearity team provides customized solutions for our customers, ensuring that they receive the best possible communication experience.


In conclusion, effective remote communication is essential for companies with global R&D personnel, and the game company in this case study is no exception. The company faced challenges such as poor audio quality, low collaborative efficiency, and the urgent need for conference room renovation, which came with enormous costs. However, by working with the Nearity Professional Team, the company found a solution in the A20 conference Speakermic. This powerful tool offers noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities, ensuring effective communication in meetings. With a focus on meeting user needs and providing customized solutions, the Nearity team helped the game company overcome their communication challenges and improve their remote meeting experience.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/c53a7953-67a4-4dd5-b8b9-203a379e8ab1.png


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