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Founded in the year 2000, this company has firmly established itself as a prominent IT system integration and solutions provider in China. With a strong reputation as a dependable digital service partner, the company serves a diverse range of industries including finance, telecommunications, internet, manufacturing, retail, government, energy, transportation, education, and healthcare, boasting an extensive and loyal customer base across these sectors.


  1. There is a lack of video conference rooms

The demand for video conference rooms is surpassing the current supply, necessitating an immediate increase in availability. This shortage is particularly evident at the recently established workplace within the Shanghai World Expo Park.

  1. A single terminal no longer suffices.

The company requires a comprehensive solution for its ULink conference platform that caters to both traditional conference room terminals and the integration of BYOD devices. The envisioned terminal products are intended for deployment in small and medium-sized meeting rooms, as well as the new workplace meeting rooms. These terminals are designed to seamlessly interface with both ULink Rooms and BYOD devices.


  1. For small meeting rooms, Nearity presents its customers with the cutting-edge C30R intelligent 4K All-In-One Conference Camera.This exceptional camera boasts a suite of advanced AI features, including speaker tracking and optimized framing. Its capabilities are further enhanced by a 120° ultra-wide-angle lens, enabling high-quality 4K@30fps video calls.

Adding to its impressive attributes, the camera incorporates a built-in 5-unit 180° linear microphone array and top-tier hi-fi full-frequency speakers. These components synergize with advanced audio algorithms to deliver impeccable, high-fidelity full-duplex calls within a generous 5-meter radius. Additionally, the camera seamlessly integrates with external audio devices, elevating businesses' video conferencing experiences to an unparalleled level of excellence.

  1. Tailored for medium to large meeting rooms spanning around 50 square meters, Nearity introduces a comprehensive solution combining the C30R intelligent 4K videoconferencing system with multiple A20 conference noise-reducing Speakermics. This unified setup excels in scenarios with numerous participants, delivering distributed sound pickup and amplification for seamless audio and video conferences, including larger multinational gatherings.

By harnessing the A20 Speakermics' connectivity via POE network cables, this solution offers impressive 5-level cascading support, accommodating hundred-person meetings across 10-20 meter conference tables. The outcome is widespread, high-quality audio capture and amplification, enabling superior video calling experiences for enterprise users anywhere.


HuaXun Networks, a prominent new IT integrated service provider, encountered two significant challenges: an insufficient number of available video conference rooms and a lack of accessible terminals. Nearity offers two solutions to fit the needs of different conferencing rooms. With increased video conference room availability, teams can now effortlessly choose suitable spaces for their various needs, eliminating the need to preemptively secure resources. This fosters equitable resource utilization, smoothing business operations for enhanced efficiency.


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