Overcoming Audio Challenges in Bilibili's Conference Rooms

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Bilibili is a vibrant cultural community and video-sharing website that caters to the youth in China. Founded on June 26, 2009, it has earned a fond nickname among netizens as "B-site." Bilibili has become a prominent player in the online entertainment industry, known for its diverse content and unique commenting system that enables a shared viewing experience. The company made its debut on NASDAQ in the United States on March 28, 2018, and later on March 29, 2021, it was officially listed in Hong Kong for the first time. On the same day, the company was also listed in Hong Kong for the second time. Bilibili has continued to expand its reach, offering e-commerce, gaming, and other services, making it one of the leading online entertainment companies in China.


  1. Customer's 250 sqm training room has reverberation & noise issues due to full glass wall.

The client's training room spans 250 square meters and is outfitted with a full glass wall, which is causing reverberation and environmental noise issues. The space requires specialized acoustic treatment to address these issues and create a more conducive learning environment.

  1. Customer needs high-performance audio-video conference equipment with wide coverage.

The client has requested high-performance audio and video conference equipment with a wide coverage range for their meetings. The equipment must be able to deliver clear and crisp sound quality, as well as high-definition video, to ensure effective communication and collaboration among remote participants.

  1. Customer uses Zoom & Tencent for remote meetings, needs high compatibility with new equipment.

The client frequently hosts remote meetings using Zoom and Tencent platforms and requires conference equipment that is highly compatible with these platforms. The equipment must be able to seamlessly integrate with these software systems to ensure smooth and efficient remote communication and collaboration.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/0383efac-6a2c-4ded-aba0-cc771145aa3b.png


To address Bilibili's audio challenges in their large conference rooms and ensure seamless integration with their ProAV system, Nearity recommended the installation of 6 sets of Nearity A50 ceiling array microphones with the AMX100 system. This solution provides multiple interface options that can be easily connected via analog inputs and outputs and a core audio processor, enabling signal transmission and calling for multiple channels within the system.

The iconic 6 A50 cascade configuration, with each 2 units in series with a 48V POE++ power supply module, ensures a stable power supply and comprehensive coverage for the entire meeting space. This allows speakers to move freely while ensuring high-quality audio capture and distribution. The Nearity A50 solution provides reliable and efficient audio performance, making it an ideal solution for Bilibili's conference rooms.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/bd720492-d2ae-45dd-a4ec-93b9e7a3a164.png


Bilibili is a dynamic online entertainment company that has become a cultural hub for China's youth. With over 12,000 employees, the company has faced challenges with audio and environmental noise in their large conference rooms. Nearity provided a solution by recommending the installation of 6 sets of Nearity A50 ceiling array microphones with the AMX100 system. This solution offered multiple interface options, enabling seamless integration with their ProAV system, and ensured high-quality audio capture and distribution. With this solution, Bilibili can effectively host remote meetings using Zoom and Tencent platforms, creating a more streamlined and efficient user experience.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/5a3161fd-fbe8-4279-8734-09cc949bd368.png


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