NEARITY Elevates Online Meeting Experience with Cutting-Edge Audio Solutions for Neocrm, the Salesforce in China

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Who is the Customer

Neocrm has been a pioneer in integrating advanced internet technology into enterprise-level CRM and can be regarded as the Salesforce of China. It has been the only Chinese vendor to be featured in the Gartner SFA Magic Quadrant for six consecutive years. Its innovative and reliable products and services have surpassed those of international vendors, and have been endorsed by several Fortune 500 companies, such as Lenovo Group, Shenzhen Gu Group, Shanghai Electric, Hikvision, and Schneider Electric. Currently, Neocrm is a leading provider of enterprise services in the mobile internet era.

The Challenges

Challenge 1: High Demand for Online Meetings

Due to the impact of the pandemic, Neocrm has experienced a surge in demand for online meetings, with monthly meetings increasing from 6,000 to 8,000. This has resulted in a meeting retention rate of over 140%, putting a strain on the performance, stability, and maintenance costs of the audio system in the meeting room.

Challenge 2: Poor Sound Quality of Video conferencing

The original meeting room equipment in Neocrm has poor sound pickup and noise reduction effect and high maintenance cost, and is also susceptible to human factors that can cause the entire equipment to fail. The conference tablets deployed later, with their built-in microphones, are unable to meet the sound pickup and amplification needs of Sales Easy's large conference rooms.

Challenge 3: High Maintenance Costs of Previous Audio System

The previous audio system had high maintenance costs due to its outdated technology. It was prone to breakdowns and required frequent repairs, resulting in expensive service fees. Furthermore, the system's sound-amplifying external devices were not user-friendly.

NEARITY Solutions

Chunze Shi, Head of Digital Information at Neocrm, emphasized that as a ToB company, Neocrm's remote collaboration meetings prioritize sharing and synchronizing information. Consequently, the device's noise reduction and pickup performance is of utmost importance, as clear audio quality is essential for a successful remote meeting experience.
Here are the details of NEARITY’s solution provided to Neocrm:

Small Conference Room & Offices

The NEARITY A20 is equipped with advanced deep learning-based audio algorithms for noise reduction, echo cancellation, and reverberation suppression. It has been upgraded to achieve a reverberation suppression performance of less than 2.5 seconds. Customization algorithms enable users to select the optimal de-reverberation parameters for their environment, eliminating loud echoes and indistinct sound in Sales Easily's online meetings, thus significantly improving the quality of cloud conferences.

Medium& Large Conference Room

For NeoCRM's medium- to large-sized conference rooms, NEARITY connects 2-3 A20 units, as A20 is equipped with daisy-chain technology. This ensures the conference room is well-covered and provides the highest quality audio performance.


  1. The NEARITY A20 boasts cutting-edge deep learning-based audio algorithms for noise reduction, echo cancellation, and reverberation suppression. This makes it suitable for conference rooms of all sizes, and effectively solves the issue of large online conferences and microphone noise reduction challenges faced.
  2. The NEARITY A20 follows a design philosophy of ease of use and deployment. Its hidden plug-and-play design supports USB and can be seamlessly integrated with existing conference equipment, thus reducing operational costs.
  3. The NEARITY A20 microphone is suitable for large, medium, and small conference rooms. It features a 3A algorithm and a pick-up radius of up to 5 meters. Its daisy chain technology allows for connecting up to 5 units, providing clear sound pickup and amplification in up to 50-square-meter conference rooms while also reducing IT procurement costs.

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