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The company is a prominent provider of integrated cloud services that enable businesses to expand globally. It offers a Cloud and SaaS platform, industry-specific vertical solutions for overseas audio, video, games, and e-commerce, an efficient service system, and robust independent development capabilities. The company has built deep cooperative relationships with overseas public cloud providers and constructed its own overseas cloud infrastructure. These features enable the company to provide Chinese enterprises with one-stop, high-quality, low-cost, and agile deployment products and services for expanding globally.


  1. Challenges in covering multi-person meetings comprehensively.

The narrow viewing angles and poor image quality of laptop cameras make it difficult to fully cover multi-person meetings. Attendees may miss important details and be unable to see everyone's faces, which can hinder effective communication and collaboration during remote meetings.

  1. Poor acoustic environment.

A poor acoustic environment can negatively impact communication efficiency during remote meetings. Employees may struggle to hear what is being said, leading to misunderstandings and exhaustion.

  1. High demand for quality video.

Leaders prioritize their time and value work and meeting efficiency. Thus, an intelligent meeting device that offers high-quality video is necessary to facilitate effective communication and collaboration during remote meetings.

  1. Portable devices for versatile use.

Remote meeting equipment must be easy to move, have strong applicability, and be suitable for multiple scenarios to avoid wasting resources. This ensures that remote meetings can take place in various locations and settings without any impediments to productivity.


  1. Huddle Conference Rooms

For small customer meetings, Nearity provides an Nearity C30R intelligent 4K video conferencing system. The C30R has an 8 million pixel Sony high-quality CMOS image sensor built in, with the capability to present ultra-high definition 4K picture quality for clear visibility of meeting content. Its 120° ultra-wide angle lens is much wider than a laptop's built-in camera and can accommodate more than ten people onscreen at the same time, making it ideal for multi-person cloud video conferencing scenarios.

  1. Medium and Large Conference Rooms

For customers with medium to large conference rooms of about 50 square meters, Nearity has created a combination solution consisting of one NearityC30R intelligent 4K video conferencing system and two A20 conference noise-canceling microphone and speaker combinations. Nearity's professional video conference peripherals incorporate powerful de-reverberation and noise reduction algorithms to eliminate environmental noise interference in cloud-linked video conference rooms, while delivering clear and natural voice sound. The unique cascading A20 omnidirectional microphone function makes it easy to pick up sound without discrimination, even in large spaces, and easily cope with complex acoustic scenarios.

Using multiple AI technologies such as sound source positioning and face detection, the C30R can track the speaker's position in real-time and provide close-up shots, eliminating the hassle of frequent manual adjustment of the picture. The pickup distance is up to 5 meters, so even if someone walks around while speaking, it does not affect the audio and video quality, allowing senior executives to maintain their usual meeting habits and enabling more efficient and smooth communication.

The C30R combines the functions of a microphone, camera, and speaker in one unit, making it versatile and supporting various installation methods such as desktop and display screens. It has extremely simple wiring and does not require additional drivers. Simply connect the power and USB cable to start a high-quality cloud meeting. The C30R can be placed on a mobile cart for easy movement to public areas later.


Yunion, a leading enterprise informationization internet platform, faced challenges in conducting effective remote meetings due to poor audio and video quality and the need for versatile, portable equipment. Nearity provided solutions to address these challenges, including the use of Nearity C30R intelligent 4K video conferencing systems and A20 conference noise-canceling microphone and speaker combinations. These solutions helped Yunion conduct more effective remote meetings by providing high-quality audio and video, versatile and portable equipment, and advanced AI technologies for smooth communication.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/ed809fe6-975f-4106-b3e5-975e42b881da.png


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