Custom Audio Solutions for Global Corporations: NEARITY A20 Brings Innovation to Conference Room Sound

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Customer Introduction

Founded in March 1, 2012, the customer was one of the first technology companies to apply artificial intelligence to mobile Internet scenarios. Based in Beijing, China, it was named to the "2019 Forbes China's Most Innovative Companies List" on June 11, 2019. In 2021, it was ranked No. 1 on the Hurun Billion - 2021 Global No. 1 in the list of unicorns.
As one of the leading IT companies from China, it has operations in over 100 countries around the world, with more than 200 buildings and 5000 conference rooms. As its presence and influence continue to grow, it is clear that this company is playing an increasingly important role in the world of IT and beyond.

The Challenges

As a multinational corporation with thousands of offices across different countries and regions, quality hybrid meetings are in high demand to facilitate business operations. However, with over 5,000 conference rooms, each room has a unique acoustic environment, creating a challenge for the IT department to find a solution that works for all sizes and acoustic environments and is easy for maintain.
  1.   High demand for video conferencing

Thousands of cross-country and cross-departmental hybrid meetings are held on a daily basis and the audio equipment used gets a lot of use over time. It's important to have audio equipment that is reliable to make sure meetings go smoothly.

  1.   Consistent audio performance is required across conference rooms of all sizes

Huddle room challenge
  • Most of the huddle rooms in the customer's company have glass walls, creating a difficult acoustic environment with a lot of echo and sound bouncing.
  • If two or three conference rooms next to each other are in use simultaneously, online attendees may be able to hear noises from the other meeting room, which makes it hard for communicating effectively.
Medium room challenge
  • During a presentation to their online partners, the speaker's distance from the microphone can vary as they move around, making it difficult for online attendees to hear clearly. To ensure everyone can hear, the presenter must remain a consistent distance from the microphone. This can be inconvenient for the presenter;
  • The current audio equipment is unable to effectively filter out disruptive noises such as air conditioners and keyboards during meetings, which cause disruptions from time to time.
Large room challenge
  • The microphone is sometimes accidentally moved when cleaning the table, resulting in a poor connection to the cable occasionally;
  • Attendees sitting at the back of the conference room are often left out of the conversation due to their voices can not be picked up by the previously used microphone.
      1.   Quick deployments & Easy maintenance

        1. With a large number of meeting rooms and high demand for meetings, it is impossible for IT departments to assign dedicated staff to stand by for every meeting. Therefore, a microphone and speaker solution that is easy to use and cost-effective to maintain is required;
        2. The previous audio equipment had poor performance, which caused complaints from staff regarding their poor conference experience;
        3. The Speakermic should be securely attached to the meeting table to prevent it from being moved or misplaced, which may also cause poor cable connection.

NEARITY Solutions

NEARITY A20 Conference SpeakerMic is designed to optimize sound for all meetings.It includes an 8-element, 360° beamforming mic array that automatically levels louder and softer voices while suppressing interference, background noise, and reverberation. Up to five units can be daisy-chained together to cover meeting rooms of any size, ensuring that everyone in the audience has an equal opportunity to be heard.

Huddle Room Solution

  • Crystal clean sound with no echoes or reverberation
For huddle rooms and small conference rooms under 30 square meters, NEARITY provides the customer with 1 A20 Conference SpeakerMic. Equipped with deep-learning noise cancellation technology, the A20 can reduce noise, cancel echoes, suppress reverberations, and enable 5m high-quality full-duplex calls. The reverberation suppression performance has been upgraded to RT<2.5s, with different customized algorithms. Users can select the most suitable de-reverberation parameters according to their specific needs.

Medium Room Solution

For medium rooms ranging in size from 24 ㎡ to 35 ㎡, NEARITY A20 can be daisy-chained up to three units, thus allowing a full coverage of the entire room. This ensures that sound quality is not compromised and that everyone in the room is able to be heard clearly during full duplex conversations.

Large Room Solution

  • Pickup everyone's voice clearly with Daisy-Chain technology
  • For large rooms ranging in size from 35㎡ to 80㎡, NEARITY A20 can be daisy-chained up to five units to cover the entire room.
    • Easy-to-use volume control
  • The device has a volume up& volume down button that makes it easy to change the volume, so people don't have to go to the computer to do it during the meeting.
  • The customized lock ensures a firm connection to the cable.
The microphone is sometimes moved accidentally when cleaning the table, resulting in a poor connection to the cable, thus the meeting audio quality may be affected. To address this issue, NEARITY has provided a customized lock to attach the SpeakerMic to the meeting table, ensuring it stays firmly in place. This not only helps ensure that the audio quality remains clear and uninterrupted but also reduces the chance of cables becoming loose if they are touched by accident.

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