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Chery Holding started as an auto manufacturer in 1997 and now has over 40,000 employees and assets of 120 billion yuan. It aims to be a world-class enterprise with a diversified business portfolio, including automobiles, auto parts, finance, real estate, and modern services. Its 300+ member companies operate in over 80 countries and regions, with annual sales revenue of 150 billion yuan. Chery has over 10 million global automobile users, with 2.2 million overseas customers, and has been the top Chinese brand for passenger car exports for 19 years.


  1. Customer's large conference room needs more peripherals for optimal experience with high on-site attendance.

The conference room may be used for important meetings with clients or partners, so it is crucial that everyone can hear and see each other clearly. The current equipment may not be able to provide adequate coverage, resulting in a suboptimal experience for all participants. This could also lead to delays and misunderstandings during meetings, which can negatively impact business outcomes.

  1. Existing equipment cannot adapt to the varying needs of numerous conference rooms with complex environments.

Each conference room may have unique needs based on its size, layout, and intended use. The existing equipment may not be flexible enough to meet these changing needs, resulting in suboptimal experiences for meeting participants. This can be particularly problematic if the customer frequently hosts important meetings with clients or partners, where a negative experience could reflect poorly on the company.

  1. Poor acoustics in most conference rooms due to harsh meeting environments leading to severe reverberation.

The harsh meeting environment can include hard surfaces, such as walls, floors, and ceilings, that cause sound to bounce around the room and create echoes and reverberation. This can make it difficult for participants to hear each other clearly, leading to misunderstandings and delays. In addition, poor acoustics can create a distracting and uncomfortable environment, which can negatively impact the outcome of important meetings.

  1. "All-time Cloud" video conferencing platform requires conference hardware equipment with high compatibility and ease of use.

The new video conferencing platform is a critical tool for the customer's business, and it is essential that the hardware equipment used in conference rooms is compatible and easy to use with the new system. This can help ensure that meetings run smoothly and that participants have a positive experience with the new platform. In addition, if the equipment is not compatible or easy to use, it could lead to delays and technical issues during meetings, which can negatively impact business outcomes.

  1. Multinational corporation requires top-of-the-line performance from conference equipment for remote meetings with rigorous specifications.

The customer's global presence means that they frequently host remote meetings with participants from around the world. These meetings may be critical for business operations, so it is essential that the conference equipment used is reliable and performs at a high level. This could include requirements for high-quality audio and video, as well as easy-to-use interfaces and compatibility with a range of devices and platforms. If the equipment does not meet these specifications, it could lead to delays and technical issues during meetings, which can negatively impact business outcomes.


To solve these problems, Nearity recommended Nearity A20, which has an eight-unit omnidirectional microphone array that can cover a large conference room with a high number of on-site participants. This means that everyone in the room can be heard clearly, resulting in an optimal usage experience.

Besides, its proprietary cascading technology allows it to adapt to the evolving needs of different meeting room scenarios and environments. The A20's audio algorithms enable intelligent noise reduction, which can reduce harsh meeting environments' impact on sound quality. The product is designed to be compatible and easy to use with Nearity's newly launched video conferencing platform, “All-time Cloud”, which means that the A20 can seamlessly integrate with the new platform, meeting its stringent requirements for compatibility and ease of use. What’s more, the A20's long-distance clear sound pickup can provide top-of-the-line performance for remote meetings with rigorous specifications.

Overall, Nearity's A20 conference noise-cancelling microphone speaker provides a comprehensive solution to the customer's conference room needs, delivering exceptional full-duplex communication experiences for optimal business outcomes.


Chery Holding faced challenges with its conference room equipment, including insufficient coverage, inflexibility, poor acoustics, and stringent video conferencing requirements. Nearity's A20 conference noise-cancelling microphone speaker provides a comprehensive solution with its omnidirectional microphone array, cascading technology, intelligent noise reduction, compatibility with "All-time Cloud," and top-of-the-line performance for remote meetings. Overall, the A20 optimizes business outcomes for Chery Holding.https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/5f9d5789-d78b-4f42-8df8-f22b9476d822.png


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