One Board plus SaaS replace them all

NearHub is the all-in-one solution for meeting rooms and classrooms.
With the power of eight tools combined in one.


A closer look at NearHub S65

The proof is in the details

Passive stylus:

Enjoy the smooth pen-to-paper feel.

40 Touchpoints:

For multiple team members to draw at same time.

Optical Bonding Screen:

Writing without sense of extra space.

Tasks performed simultaneously, all across the smartboard

Infinite Canvas:

Drag and drop anything into your infinite canvas to get more done, rapidly.

Split Screen:

Draw reference from Chrome, YouTube or other apps while you work.


Express your thoughts with annotation over any displayed content, without affecting any work behind the original layer.

Frictionless screencast as you want

Wireless screencast:

Cast anything through any computer, phone, or Ipad to NearHub Board, compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chorme

AP mode:

Dual mode wifi module design, after enabling the AP mode, it can still achieve screencast even in a no-network environment

HDMI & Touchback:

In the screencast mode through Hdmi+Type-B, Neahub supports reverse touch, which means you can directly control your computer through the whiteboard when giving a speech.

Work with the apps you love

NearHub's open ecosystem NearHubOS allows you to use the apps that your team already knows and loves.That means easy, fast adoption throughout organizations with minimal support from busy IT teams.

App Integrations List →

NearHub Board + Neahub App, Make the dream work, together


Collaborate seamlessly on a NearHub smartboard, computer, iPad, or phone – from anywhere in the world.


Seamlessly share your opinion about the presentation on the smartboard, enhancing productivity, creativity and communication amongst the team.

Instant Device Access and Management

IT teams can easily access and manage all NearHub boards instantly through NearSync (Device Management Tool).Remotely update device firmware, turn the screen on/off, install apps, deliver a message to all panels, and more using the pre-installed NearHub device-management app.

Better collaboration from anywhere

Collabrate in real time on any device, from anywhere in the world. Seamless video conferencing lets you create together during remote meetings.

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