Transforming Online Meetings: How a School Improved Communication and Efficiency

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This high school is a top-level and high-quality public school (including middle and high school) in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. It is the first brand of modern, international, and information-based education in Sichuan Province. The school covers an area of 160 acres and has a total of more than 3,000 teachers and students. The quality of education has long maintained a first-class level in the province, with a 100% college admission rate and a 100% key school enrollment rate in the science experimental class. Many students participate in national subject competitions and win awards every year. In recent years, more than 200 students have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, and more than 1,000 students have entered the top ten famous universities in China. Nearly 400 people have been admitted to famous universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, etc., and have won many provincial-level top scores in science and liberal arts in the college entrance examination.


With the help of Nearity's education solution, this school better meets the needs of remote video conferencing for online communication. Before contacting Nearity staff, the principal of this school was troubled by the difficulty of exchanging teaching experience and organizing related activities with other educators from other schools due to epidemic management reasons. However, various problems with online video conferences have somewhat dampened the enthusiasm of teachers to conduct online meetings and affected the experience of the communicators. Due to the lack of professional video conferencing equipment, online meetings are often not pleasant.

"When colleagues on the other side say they can't hear us clearly, we have no choice but to ask them to speak louder. Even though we are extremely anxious, we can only tell them 'sorry, please bear with us a little longer'."

  1. Limited space in small meeting rooms leads to serious echoes, and it is easy to pick up other noises, making communication unbearable. When the computer is picking up sound, it also captures keyboard and mouse sounds at the same time. The most painful thing is that when the air conditioner in the meeting room is turned on, there is a choice between enduring the heat or unclear sound during the meeting.
  2. In the multifunctional report hall, the limited camera area of the computer cannot capture all members. Coupled with rough image quality, it can distract communicators and reduce their concentration.
  3. When leaders speak in the multifunctional report hall, due to the inability of the computer camera to change the viewing angle, communicators find it difficult to see our facial expressions and actions and thus affect their perception of our attitudes and emotions.


The principal of this school hopes to find a reliable, user-friendly, and reasonably priced video conferencing solution for teachers and students. "We have considered multiple choices from low-end to high-end. We chose Nearity equipment because we are confident in its quality and reliability, as well as the performance, ease of use, and price competitiveness of its solution."

Multifunctional report hall: 4 Nearity V35 HD conference cameras

The Nearity V35 HD conference camera with 12x optical zoom + 16x digital zoom lens allows the speaker to be in the center of the frame. With a horizontal viewing angle of 72.5° and a 340° displacement through panning, it covers the entire space of the report hall, helping educators better demonstrate their teaching methods. With 255 presets and support for 1080P full HD video calls, video conferences, remote teaching, and other scenarios are all applicable, providing excellent details and clarity for remote participants and recording systems.

Small and medium-sized meeting rooms: Nearity V20 HD conference camera + 2 Nearity A20 conference noise-cancelling microphone speakers

The Nearity V20 HD conference camera allows educators to enjoy bright and clear video with accurate color reproduction and clarity even when zoomed in.

The powerful noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities of the Nearity A20 conference noise-cancelling microphone speaker can optimize human voices within a radius of 5 meters, helping customers no longer fear noise and echoes, and providing clear sound amplification effects, allowing them to focus on active speaking.


The cost-effective Nearity equipment that meets the core needs of this school has achieved outstanding results. The school principal especially appreciates its practicality and high performance. "For us, these systems are very practical and effectively solve the difficulties we faced in online meetings. We also received the expected quality of video conferencing."


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