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Quectel, a premier provider of integrated IoT solutions, was founded on October 25, 2010, in Shanghai by a group of eight senior engineers who shared a vision for a smarter planet. Formerly known as SIMCom, the company boasts an impressive revenue of 6.106 billion yuan in 2020. With a workforce exceeding 3,000 professionals, including over 2,300 R&D engineers, Quectel remains at the forefront of innovation.

Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as (191.47) since July 16, 2019, Quectel's global presence spans offices in Hefei, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, Russia, France, and many more. This introduction offers a glimpse into Quectel's journey from a shared dream to a global IoT solutions leader.


  1. The original audio equipment lacks sufficient sound restoration and clarity for conference needs.

n many conference settings, audio quality is paramount for effective communication. However, the existing audio equipment falls short in terms of sound restoration and clarity. This inadequacy can lead to difficulties in comprehending spoken words, hinder remote participants from engaging effectively, and ultimately undermine the overall productivity and impact of conferences. The need for high-quality audio becomes even more pronounced in scenarios involving multiple speakers, remote participants, or complex discussions.

  1. The customer's conference room features glass partitions and hard ceilings, leading to pronounced reverberation.

The physical characteristics of the customer's conference room play a significant role in the acoustics of the space. Glass partitions and hard ceilings can result in a phenomenon known as reverberation. Reverberation occurs when sound waves bounce off reflective surfaces, such as glass and hard ceilings, leading to a prolongation of sound and subsequent overlapping. This creates an environment where speech becomes muddled, and it becomes challenging for attendees to discern individual voices. This acoustic challenge hampers effective communication and collaboration during conferences.

  1. The customer seeks a versatile product solution that can cater to diverse conference room types.

Modern organizations often have a range of conference room types, each catering to different meeting requirements. These may include large boardrooms, smaller huddle spaces, video conferencing setups, and more. Consequently, a one-size-fits-all approach to audio solutions is insufficient. The customer seeks a product solution that is versatile enough to adapt to various conference scenarios. This could involve a system that can automatically adjust audio settings based on room size, participant count, and the type of discussions taking place. A flexible solution can enhance audio quality and conferencing experiences across different meeting contexts.


In response to the challenges posed by subpar audio quality and complex conference room acoustics, Nearity introduces the innovative A20 conference noise-canceling microphone and speaker system.

The A20 system boasts an 8-unit omnidirectional MEMS microphone array, capturing voices from all directions and resolving sound restoration concerns. Its advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities combat the reverberation effect caused by glass partitions and hard ceilings, creating a pristine auditory environment. Leveraging AI models trained on extensive meeting data, the system intelligently curtails background noise, ensuring active participant involvement. Moreover, its cascading technology facilitates seamless connection of up to 5 devices, enabling adaptable usage across various conference room sizes. Nearity's A20 system redefines conferencing by harmonizing audio quality, room acoustics, and versatile connectivity for an unparalleled collaborative experience.

This cutting-edge solution revolutionizes conference experiences and addresses the issues of poor sound restoration, pronounced reverberation, and the need for versatile conference room coverage that the customer faced.


Quectel's journey as a pioneering IoT solutions provider, marked by its global presence and dedicated workforce, encountered challenges in conference environments concerning audio quality, disruptive acoustics, and versatile room coverage. Addressing these hurdles, Nearity's A20 conference noise-canceling microphone and speaker system emerges as a game-changing solution, integrating advanced technology to restore sound clarity, counteract reverberation effects, and adapt to varying room types. By bridging these gaps, the A20 system encapsulates innovation, spotlighting Quectel's continued growth and commitment to transformative IoT solutions.


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