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The company situated in Shanghai's Pudong New Area engages in three primary sectors: advanced automobile manufacturing, operational and financial leasing, encompassing six manufacturing facilities across the globe. Additionally, they possess an automotive engineering research institute and an Internet operations center. This group stands at the forefront of the Internet+Automobile domain, spearheading the development and management of an online platform for shared recreational vehicles (RVs) and environmentally friendly logistics vehicles. Furthermore, they hold the distinction of being one of the world's largest RV manufacturers and the pioneering automobile company to venture into new energy RVs.


  1. Upgrading Audio and Video Hardware for Cloud Video Conferencing

- The challenge here is to transition from a traditional hardware conference system to a cloud video conference while maintaining a high-quality conference experience.

- The customer needs to identify and procure suitable audio and video hardware that can seamlessly integrate with the cloud video conferencing platform.

- The hardware should support high-definition video and crystal-clear audio to ensure a smooth and immersive conference experience.

- Compatibility and connectivity issues may arise during the transition, requiring careful planning and implementation.

  1. Enhancing Sound Quality in the Customer's Large Conference Room

- The customer's large conference room poses a challenge in terms of audio quality for remote meetings.

- Deploying professional audio equipment becomes necessary to improve the sound quality and ensure clear and intelligible communication during remote meetings.

- Proper acoustic treatment and strategic placement of microphones and speakers are required to optimize sound distribution and minimize echo or ambient noise.

- Integrating the professional audio equipment with the existing conferencing setup may involve technical challenges and require expertise in audio engineering.

  1. Meeting the Demand for High-Performance Audio Equipment

- The customer's frequent remote meetings necessitate high-performance audio equipment to facilitate effective conference communication.

- The audio equipment needs to deliver superior sound quality, including clear voice reproduction and effective noise cancellation.

- The equipment should be able to handle the demands of multiple participants in remote meetings without compromising on audio clarity and intelligibility.

- Identifying and procuring high-performance audio equipment that meets the customer's requirements and budget can be a challenge, as it requires thorough research and evaluation of various products in the market.


Nearity provides a range of audio and video solutions tailored for different conference room sizes and meeting requirements. These include:

  1. Nearity A50 Ceiling Array Microphone:

- Designed for medium and large conference rooms.

- Equipped with a 91-unit MEMS microphone array for exceptional sound pickup.

- Supports cascading of up to 8 A50 devices, allowing for comprehensive coverage.

- Supports Power over Ethernet (POE) for convenient power supply and cascading, enabling adaptability to different room sizes and meeting types.

  1. Nearity 415 4K PTZ Conference Camera:

- Ideal for capturing clear details at a distance.

- Features 5x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom.

- Provides up to 4K image quality output.

- Supports preset one-key switching and accurate location locking, ensuring seamless tracking of important personnel during conferences.

  1. Nearity A20 Conference Noise-Reducing Speakermic:

- Specifically designed for small conference rooms.

- Incorporates advanced 3A audio algorithm for superior sound quality.

- Offers intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities.

- Enables full-duplex communication within a 5-meter radius, ensuring clear and immersive conference experiences.


The New Gonow Group, a top new energy vehicle manufacturer, faces challenges in upgrading audio and video hardware, enhancing sound quality in large conference rooms, and meeting the demand for high-performance audio equipment. Nearity's audio and video solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of different conference room sizes, providing high-quality sound pickup, clear image output, noise reduction, echo cancellation, and convenient features for seamless conference communication to address these challenges.




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