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Chengdu Xinchao Media is a pioneering tech media innovation enterprise that has successfully integrated traditional media with the power of the internet. With their innovative approach, they have garnered considerable success and recognition in the industry. It has an extensive network of 700,000 elevator smart screens strategically placed in 110 cities across the country. These smart screens reach an impressive audience of 200 million households on a daily basis, making them a prominent player in the media landscape. In the esteemed "2021 Global Unicorn List" compiled by the Hurun Research Institute, Xinchao Media secured an impressive ranking of 224th. This accomplishment is further amplified by their valuation of RMB 20 billion, underscoring their significant market presence and financial worth.


  1. High Costs and Limitations of Traditional Conference System

The original conference system relied on traditional video conferencing combined with AV equipment, resulting in high expenses for expanding the MCU, terminal fees, and peripheral products. The cost of maintaining and expanding the system became a significant challenge, limiting scalability and hindering cost-effectiveness.

  1. Inadequacy for Small and Medium-Sized Meeting Rooms

The previous conference system was designed for large meeting rooms and failed to meet the daily collaboration needs of inter-departmental and internal teams in small and medium-sized meeting rooms. This limitation created obstacles to effective communication and collaboration in smaller settings, impacting productivity and efficiency.

  1. Complex and Tedious Deployment Process

The presence of numerous small and medium-sized meeting rooms made traditional deployment methods cumbersome and time-consuming. Professional personnel were required for testing and maintenance, resulting in a labor-intensive process that hindered efficiency and agility.

  1. Limited IT Support and Maintenance

The complexity of traditional video conferencing systems posed difficulties in daily maintenance and conference support tasks. The lack of available IT personnel further compounded the challenge, leading to delays in resolving technical issues and providing necessary support.

  1. Poor Performance and System Stability

The current video conferencing system exhibited poor performance, necessitating repeated testing before major group meetings. Ensuring system stability became a challenge, impacting the reliability and effectiveness of the conferencing solution.


For customers with small meeting rooms, Nearity recommends the Nearity C30R Intelligent 4K All-in-One Conference Camera. This solution aims to reduce desktop cable clutter, providing an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly experience. The C30R camera offers powerful AI functions such as speaker tracking, close-up split screen, and best framing. It features a 120° ultra-wide-angle lens that supports 4K 30fps video calls. The camera also includes a built-in 5-unit 180° linear microphone array and high-fidelity full-frequency speakers, enabling high-quality full-duplex communication within a 5-meter range using advanced audio algorithms. Additionally, it can be connected to external audio equipment, delivering an excellent video conferencing experience from all directions.

For medium-sized conference rooms, Nearity suggests integrating the V35 HD conference camera with the existing system. This solution optimizes cost-effectiveness by utilizing the V35 camera alongside the conference terminals, AV equipment, and mixing consoles already deployed by New Trend Media in their large conference room. The V35 camera supports long-distance HD shooting and seamlessly integrates with popular conference platforms like Tencent Meeting, allowing for smooth and efficient transitions between different platforms.


Chengdu Xinchao Media is a tech media innovation enterprise that has successfully integrated traditional media with the internet. They faced challenges with their previous conference system, including high costs, limitations in small and medium-sized meeting rooms, complex deployment processes, limited IT support, and poor system performance. Nearity provides tailored solutions such as the C30R camera for small meeting rooms and the V35 camera for medium-sized rooms, addressing these challenges and improving the conference experience. By offering tailored solutions for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, Nearity aims to enhance the conference experience, improve audio and video quality, and simplify the overall deployment process.


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