Revolutionizing Online Meetings with NEARITY A50 Ceiling Array Microphone: A Solution for Universities

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Who is the Customer

The customer's university is located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, and is directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China as a national key comprehensive research-oriented university. It is jointly built by the Ministry of Education, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, and the province and city, and is listed among the "Double First-Rate," "211 Project," and "985 Project" in the country. The university has trained many excellent talents and has made positive contributions to the prosperity of the country, the happiness of the people, and the overseas spread of Chinese culture.

The Challenges

Challenge 1: High Demand for Online Meetings

The university of the customer currently has hundreds of meeting rooms and classrooms that need to be utilized for remote collaboration. The pandemic has caused an increase in the frequency of online academic exchanges, online classes, online enrollment activities, and graduation defenses, resulting in a high demand for remote meetings.

Challenge 2: Poor Performance of Original Sound System

The original sound system at the venue was inadequate for our needs. It had poor sound quality, lacked clarity, and was prone to feedback. Additionally, it was unable to handle the volume necessary for our events, which often ran late into the night. The Cloud Conference, as a key university, focuses on online academic exchanges with domestic and foreign scholars, seminars, and online classes. Therefore, it has high demands for sound clarity and stability.

NEARITY Solutions

Solution for College Classrooms/Lecture Halls

The NEARITY A50 solution can support up to 8 devices connected in series with daisy chain technology, ensuring full coverage of classrooms and multipurpose halls. The A50 provides wireless sound pickup solutions, allowing lecturers to move freely without requiring a lapel microphone during hybrid teaching sessions.
The NEARITY A50 solution offers two installation methods: suspended mount and VESA mount, making the indoor audio system layout neat and simplifying the installation and deployment process. The NEARITY AMX100 audio processor and NEARITY ASP110 speaker can also be flexibly connected to existing conference room systems, efficiently utilizing existing equipment and serving as a pickup/amplification device. This provides excellent pickup/amplification functions and a high-quality cloud conference/cloud classroom experience.


The NEARITY A50 Ceiling Array Microphone is designed to make sound capture effortless, making it ideal for cloud classrooms and conferences. It can cover a 50-square-meter conference room, eliminating the need for handheld or lapel microphones. This allows professors and teachers to conduct remote lectures, seminars, and classes without additional equipment.
The NEARITY series products are compatible with Tencent Conference,Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams and the major , allowing customers to easily host online teaching, graduation defenses, and other official activities. Furthermore, the NEARITY series is deeply integrated with the ZOOM platform, enabling high-specification international online academic exchange lectures, seminars, and other activities in colleges and universities. This ensures a seamless cloud conference experience, regardless of the platform, and allows colleges and universities to easily initiate cloud conferences with one touch.

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