NEARITY A50 Ceiling Microphone Elevates Audio System for Legal Departments

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Who is the Customer

The customer of this case is the provincial legal department of China. The total construction area is 10,700 square meters, including 2,200 square meters for handling cases, 6,000 square meters for office use, and 1,300 square meters for technical use. The building has implemented Communication Automation (CA), Office Automation (OA), Building Automation (BA), Security Automation (SA), and Fire Protection Automation (FA).

Use Senario

  1. The customer primarily uses the audio equipment for meetings to amplify sound locally and record conferences remotely.
  2. As a major judicial body, they have stringent security and confidentiality requirements for conference data and require a private deployment.

The Challenges

Challenge 1: Limitations of Traditional Goose Neck Microphone Amplification are Large

Customers typically use traditional goose neck microphones for local amplification. Speakers must aim at the microphone to be heard, which has significant limitations and affects the conference experience.

Challenge 2: Maintenance Costs are High for Traditional Amplification Equipment

Traditional amplification equipment, such as traditional goose neck microphones, require audio processors, amplifiers, equalizers, and other audio equipment. These must be deployed and maintained by professional personnel, and even require specialized personnel to debug for each meeting, resulting in high operating costs.

Challenge 3: Customers have High Aesthetic Requirements for Conference Rooms

As a national judicial agency, customers need to face the public and relevant units for important meetings. Therefore, they have high expectations for the aesthetics of conference rooms, hoping for a beautiful and atmospheric layout, avoiding messy audio equipment wiring and equipment placement.

Challenge 4: High Requirements for Ease of Access to New Conference Equipment

The customer previously deployed third-party wall-mounted speakers, so the newly deployed equipment must have easy-access attributes, work with third-party devices, create a unified audio system while efficiently using existing resources, and reduce the cost of transformation and operation.

NEARITY Solutions

For customers with large conference rooms of 100 square meters or more, 4 A50 ceiling array microphones with daisy chain technology can fully cover the entire conference room in all directions, allowing for seamless and hands-free pick-up and amplification of speech, no matter where the speaker is in the conference room, freeing hands from the traditional goose-neck microphone.
The product is simple and aesthetically pleasing, and provides hanging rope/pole installation methods that do not occupy much space in the conference room, simplifying the installation and deployment steps, creating a simple yet elegant conference room for customers. Compared to traditional sound amplification equipment, the structure is simpler and does not require a lot of pre-deployment and post-maintenance work, effectively reducing human operation costs.
The NEARITY A50 is equipped with a 91-unit MEMS microphone array for clear pick-up in the area. It also supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply and daisy chain technology, making it well-suited for local sound reinforcement and remote conferencing. This makes it an ideal choice for customers with high-spec conference needs, such as judicial authorities.
The NEARITY A50 ceiling array microphone is connected with AMX100 audio processor, efficiently reusing existing third-party sound equipment and can also be flexibly accessed through the Line out interface to achieve online conference recording.


TheNEARITY A50 has impressive wireless sound pickup and reinforcement capabilities, as an innovative ceiling microphone, it has state-of-art design, and provides flexible installation options. It outperforms its competitors and has earned customer recognition, demonstrating its strong product strength.
NEARITY prioritizes customer needs and completes testing within seven days of a customer's request. The SE team visits the location to optimize algorithms and has contingency plans for enhancing the ceiling speaker. Through continual testing and improvement based on feedback, NEARITY ensures success and ultimately earns customers' trust.
The NEARITY A50 is a powerful wireless pick-up and sound reinforcement system, equipped with the most advanced daisy chain technology. It is designed to cover all aspects of large conference room sound requirements, allowing customers to easily pick up and amplify sound from any indoor location without being restricted by equipment.

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