Advanced Audio Solution for Meeting Challenges with Nearity A21S Speakermic

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  1. The client's large conference room has excessive reverberations and echoes, resulting in poor audio quality and significant noise interference.
  2. The original audio equipment in the president's office has limitations in sound pickup, making it ineffective for covering the entire office.
  3. The customer's studio suffers from difficulty hearing speakers from remote locations, as well as volume loss and poor playback quality, all of which negatively impact meeting communication.


Nearity A21S Conference Speakermic

Desktop MEMS full-duplex mic array + cascade function to meet the need for wide-range sound pickup

The 8-unit MEMS full-duplex microphone array has a pickup area of 15 square meters. It can be connected with multiple devices to achieve distributed sound pickup and amplification. By cascading 8 units, it covers a large 300-square-meter conference room with uniform sound pickup and amplification, as well as improved synchronization control, de-reverberation, and remarkable noise reduction capability. Furthermore, the A21S provides a 5-meter full-duplex pickup that ensures clear sound pickup for leaders attending the conference, regardless of their orientation. This feature eliminates any potential problems with sound pickup.

AI intelligent acoustic technology ensures smooth and unhindered communication in different meeting environments.

Super AI intelligent noise suppression technology can filter more than 300 kinds of noise, along with adaptive reverberation suppression, maintaining purity and clarity of human voice even in complex environments, achieving perfectly clear remote two-way calls.



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