Eliminating Echo and Reverberation in Genecast Meeting Rooms with NEARITY A50 Solutions

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Who is the Customer

Genecast Technology, established in 2014, is a leading innovative cancer molecular diagnosis and detection company in China. It is the industry leader in developing innovative cancer molecular diagnostic and detection technology, products, and services in China, with comprehensive coverage of the three major business areas of treatment selection, prognosis and monitoring, and early screening. The company's advanced technology can assist in the diagnosis of cancer, evaluate and optimize cancer treatment plans, detect cancer recurrence risks at an earlier stage to improve patients' treatment outcomes and quality of life, and detect early cancer in high-risk populations.


The Challenges

Challenge 1: The conference room has severe echo and affecting the conference experience.

The customer company has two rectangular conference rooms: one medium-to-large 36㎡and one large meeting room of 52㎡. Both have a ceiling height of 2.6m and surrounded by open space. This creates serious echo and makes it difficult for previous audio equipment to pick up sound clearly, significantly impacting the remote conference experience.


Challenge 2: Environmental noise significantly affect the meeting experience

The customer company's conference room space is equipped with air conditioning and fans, with loud wind noise and no soundproofing around it, with a low height and close to the road, and with a thin long glass wall with poor sound insulation, it is often disturbed by surrounding environmental noise, making it easy for online conference speeches to be unclear.


Challenge 3: Customer requires high beauty level and easy deployment of the conference room.

As a biomedicine company, the customer company requires high beauty standards for the conference room due to image building needs. Therefore, the indoor audio equipment itself needs to be visually appealing while avoiding messy wiring that affects the beauty of the conference room due to deployment.


Challenge 4: Customer company adopts BYOD meeting mode and requires high accessibility of conference room equipment.

The customer company generally adopts the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) meeting mode, and employees generally use their own devices to participate in conference discussions, while traditional wiring methods cause problems such as interface incompatibility, excessive cables, and conference information security, due to the use of different personal devices, causing headaches for the enterprise, so high requirements are placed on the accessibility of new conference equipment itself.


NEARITY solutions

For the 35-50㎡ medium to large-sized meeting room of the client company, NEARITY has created a complete set of audio pickup and amplification solutions, equipped with:

  • 1 NEARITY A50 ceiling array microphone
  • 1 AMX100 digital signal processor
  • 2 ASP110 loudspeaker
  • 1 V520D Dual-Lens PTZ conference camera


The highlights of the solution are as follows:

    1. The NEARITY A50 ceiling array microphone offers 12 customized beams and multiple audio pickup options, allowing it to adapt to different room layouts or seating arrangements. Advanced audio technologies, such as automatic mixing, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control, are used to ensure clear voice pick up within the coverage area. This eliminates the reverberation and environmental noise in the client's meeting room.

    2. The NEARITY A50 ceiling array microphone has an internal 91-unit MEMS microphone array, making it ideal for wireless audio pickup and amplification in medium to large-sized meeting rooms. It can easily cover an area of up to 40 square meters, ensuring that no matter where the speaker is in the room, the A50 can provide a cristal clean audio pickup. To meet the amplification needs of remote conferences, two ASP110 wall-mounted speakers can be used.

    3. Easy installation and state-of-art design: The NEARITY A50 ceiling array microphone has an attractive design, a straightforward structure, and flexible installation options that don't take up much space in the meeting room. Moreover, it requires minimal pre-deployment and post-maintenance work, creating a pleasant and efficient conference room atmosphere for clients.

     4.The NEARITY A50 ceiling array microphone and AMX100 audio processor can be easily connected to various conference devices via their Line out interface. The V520D camera has a wide range of interfaces and is compatible with many meeting terminal devices, such as personal computers, providing greater flexibility in device use and meeting the needs of BYOD conference mode.



    1. NEARITY's custom solution—comprising the A50 ceiling array microphone and V520D Dual-Lens PTZ Conference Camera—has earned full endorsement from Genecast  Technology following multiple on-site tests. This highlights NEARITY's impressive product strength.


    2. NEARITY's Mounting Method offers innovative solutions for clients, providing excellent noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities. It perfectly solves customers' meeting room problems, such as large reverberation and difficult pickup. Furthermore, its simple and atmospheric product appearance and flexible installation methods create a clean and beautiful meeting room environment, showcasing state-of-the-art design.


    3. The NEARITY A50 offers an impressively compact design, which makes pre-deployment and post-maintenance tasks faster and easier than ever before. Moreover, its cost-effectiveness is unrivaled, allowing customers to maximize their budgets and get the best possible results. Additionally, its efficiency and reliability ensure that users can count on it to deliver consistent performance, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.



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