Enhancing Video Quality for Meeting Rooms and Teaching Spaces at University

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Located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, this university is a key national university directly administered by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is jointly built by the Ministry of Education, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and Chengdu Municipal People's Government. It is listed as a "Double First Class" institution, a participant in the "211 Project" and the "985 Project," and has advantageous disciplines for innovation. It is also selected for the "2011 Plan," "111 Plan," Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program, National Undergraduate Innovation Program, National Construction High-level University Overseas Study Program, New Engineering Research and Practice Program, Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students program, one of the first batch of high-level technology transfer and transformation bases for higher education institutions, and a training unit for the Tibetan aid program. It is a member of the China-Europe Elite University Alliance.


  1. The customer's meeting room already has audio equipment that meets daily needs. However, the existing video equipment has issues — the captured images are blurry, and the picture clarity needs to be improved to meet the requirements of meetings.
  2. When people are far away, the existing camera cannot zoom, making it difficult for colleagues to see people in the distance.
  3. The customer hopes to upgrade the video equipment to turn the meeting room into a suitable space for teaching. This places demands on the video quality of the conference camera.

"We used to have a very blurry webcam with only 720p resolution. During meetings, the camera couldn't zoom, so only colleagues sitting in the front could be seen clearly. This gave our leaders and colleagues a poor experience. Also, online meetings have saved us a lot of trouble, and many educational seminars have chosen to be held online. We want to find a professional device to ensure video quality."


Solution for medium meeting rooms: Nearity V410 2K conference camera + Nearity V30 4K conference camera

Tests have shown that the Nearity V410 high-definition conference camera is not only very easy to use but also provides excellent 2K image quality. The impressive 10x zoom allows for capturing details effectively. With ultra-wide 120° angle and 350° pan rotation capability, it covers the entire meeting room space comprehensively. It is suitable for various scenarios such as video conferences and remote teaching.

Using advanced AI driven intelligent features like auto-framing and area sound pickup, Nearity V30 conference camera offers users 4K Ultra HD video and an advanced muli-element microphone array for complete meeting clarity.


The teaching staff is particularly pleased with the good video quality. "Compared to some more expensive competitor devices, even when the lecturer sits at the back of the room, the Nearity camera performs even better. Overall, we are very satisfied with this purchase."https://resource.nuroum.com/server/nearity/images/c73d5590-4216-4d0e-9971-f99c2c486cdb.jpeg




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