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If you've clicked on a website and encountered Error 1020: Access Denied, you may have unknowingly run into a Cloudflare service firewall. Although this error can be frustrating, it is not unsolvable. Fortunately, there are several straightforward methods for fixing this issue and regaining access to the website. So, keep reading as we guide you through the process of resolving Cloudflare's Error 1020: Access Denied and returning to your browsing activities.

What Makes Error Code 1020 happen?

When a website is protected by Cloudflare, the firewall may flag an "Error 1020 Access Denied" message if a visitor attempts to access a restricted endpoint. This can occur when a firewall rule has been breached or triggered.

Now, Let's familiarize ourselves with error 1020 that appears on websites using Cloudflare. For those who are not aware, Cloudflare is a service that offers security and content delivery features to a vast number of websites worldwide. It acts as a shield against spammy intrusions or malicious attacks by maintaining a list of IP addresses that it deems suspicious and capable of harming the website.

If you encounter an Error 1020 Access Denied message when trying to visit Zoom website, it indicates that you have violated a firewall rule established by the administrator of the Cloudflare-protected website. Whether it was intentional or not, Cloudflare CDN will refuse access to safeguard the website. 

Ways to Fix the Error 1020 Access Denied

1. Check Other Pages on Same Website

Regarding webpages, there may be instances where a specific webpage is unavailable for public access on the website. This typically indicates that there could be an error on the server-side of that particular webpage. To verify this, you can navigate to another webpage within the same website. This is possible on most websites depending on their classification.

For instance – if you are on Join category, click on some other categories like Schedule or Resources to see if it loads fine. If it does, all you have to do is wait for the webmaster to fix the Cloudflare error, since the issue is not on your end. However, if other web pages or the entire website refuses to load, then sadly, it’s your problem. And we need to try other fixes!

2. Empty Your Browser's Cache

As mentioned previously, just like routers have their own cache, web browsers also store a cache of visited websites. This cache can become corrupted and lead to a 1020 Access Denied error on websites, causing confusion for Cloudflare. To resolve this issue, you should navigate to your browser's privacy settings and clear the cached data.

  • Please select the Ellipsis icon (represented by three dots) located on the top right-hand corner of your screen, and opt for Settings from the ensuing drop-down menu.

  • Once you have navigated to the Settings page, please select Privacy and Securityfrom the options displayed in the left-hand sidebar.

  • Within the Privacy and Security section, you will find an option to Clear Browsing Data. Click on this option and ensure that all checkboxes except for Cached Images and Files are unchecked. Next, select the desired time range (ideally, All time) and proceed to click on Clear Data to initiate the process.

3. Try Another Web Browser

Sometimes, instead of particular settings, it can be the web browser that’s the problem. This may be due to various factors, including an old browser update, misconfigured settings, and more. If that is the case, then you can try installing a different web browser. To do that, simply check out these best Windows 10 browsers and install any of them except the one you have. Once you are all set up, visit the website and try your luck. There's a high chance your issue will have been fixed, and the Error Code 1020 access denied message will disappear.

4. Activate/Deactivate Your VPN Service

VPN services, short for Virtual Private Networks, are commonly used by people to safeguard their online activity. However, it's important to note that the level of anonymity and security provided by your VPN provider may vary. In some cases, this can cause issues where Cloudflare may mistake your IP address as an intrusion and block access.

If you encounter Cloudflare's 1020 error screen after turning on your VPN, simply disable the VPN and reload the page. On the other hand, if you're not using a VPN but still experiencing errors, consider trying out one of these top VPNs for Windows to ensure greater online protection. Once you've installed and activated the VPN, revisit the website to see if the issue was indeed caused by your IP address. If so, the VPN should resolve the problem.

5. Contact Zoom Support

If you've followed all the aforementioned steps and are still encountering the Error 1020 access denied, then unfortunately there may be little else you can do on your end. As previously noted, it's possible that your IP address has been flagged by the Cloudflare CDN, resulting in restricted access to the webpage. If you prefer not to use a VPN but still wish to access the page, we suggest reaching out to the site owner for assistance in resolving the issue. And many users( As evidenced by the following feedback) have resolved their problems with the help of Zoom Support.


Error 1020 Access Denied can occur when a visitor attempts to access a restricted endpoint on a website protected by Cloudflare. This error message indicates that a firewall rule has been breached or triggered. To fix this issue, you can try checking other pages on the same website, clearing your browser's cache, using a different web browser, activating or deactivating your VPN service, or contacting Zoom support for assistance. Ultimately, if none of these steps work and you're still experiencing the error, it may be necessary to reach out to the website administrator for further help in resolving the issue.

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