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With the rise of hybrid work styles and remote work, video conferencing continues to be an integral part of a company's daily operations in the post-epidemic era. However, ensuring that all participants can hear each other clearly can be a challenge, especially when colleagues sitting far from the microphone are not audible. Additionally, the presence of numerous microphone cables can take up valuable desk space, causing clutter and disorganization. This is where daisy chain technology can offer an effective solution.


What is daisy chain technology?

Daisy chain technology refers to a method of connecting multiple devices in a series, where the output of one device is connected to the input of the next device, and so on, creating a chain of devices. This is similar to a garland of daisy flowers, that's the origin of the name. Daisy chains may be used for various situation including power, analog signals, digital data, and computer networking.

In a daisy chain, the first device is connected directly to the source, and each subsequent device is connected to the previous device in the chain. This allows power or signal to flow from the source through each device to the end of the chain. The advantage of this method is that it reduces the number of cables required, making it easier to manage and reducing clutter.


How Daisy chain technology can be used in conferencing room?

Daisy chain is commonly used in external hard wares to facilitate meeting, especially video conferencing.

  • Monitors: Daisy chaining allows multiple monitors to be connected to a single computer using a single cable, making it easier to manage multiple displays. This is useful in settings where employees need to work on multiple screens simultaneously, such as graphic design or video editing.
  • Audio systems: Daisy chaining audio systems allows multiple speakers or sound systems to be connected to a single source, creating a more immersive audio experience.



Benefits of Dasiy chain application in audio system

The audio system,in particular, has been used extensively in recent years to keep in touch with work due to the impact of the epidemic, and the requirements for video conferencing have increased: the sound quality must be clear, the volume must be loud, etc. Most speakermic have adopted daisy chain technology to suit all sizes of meeting rooms which is really helpful in the following aspects:

  • Large pick-up area: daisy chain technology enables multiple speakermic connections, simply connect a new device to the end of the chain, and pick-up range being extended automatically, ensuring that everyone in the room can be heard.
  • Simplifies wiring: Daisy chaining can simplify the wiring of an audio system by reducing the number of cables required. With daisy chaining, only one cable is needed to connect each device in the chain.
  • Flexible to any size rooms: the number of devices could be different according to the size of room, simply connect the new device to the end of the chain, and it automatically becomes part of the audio system.


Daisy chain technology for NEARITY products

NEARITY's speakermic products can be daisy chained and can be customized to suit the size of the room, as well as being equipped with other equipment to meet the needs of the customer. And NEARITY speakermic is designed to suit a variety of room environments, including those near busy streets, glass doors and noisy communication. Despite these challenges, NEARITY products deliver superior sound quality, making them ideal for professional meetings. NEARITY's speakermic is easy to use, simply connecting via USB or Ethernet connection. To use multiple devices simply connect them in sequence to the first device and they are ready to use.


The daisy chain is often used in extra devise to facilitate video conferencing and enhance the video calling experience, especially speakermic. NEARITY's speakermic (A20, A21S) can use this technology to suit all sizes of meeting rooms and to meet customer requirements, also, other technology could ensure a smooth calling. Found out more by visiting the NEARITY website.


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