What is AGC and How It Helps Video Conferencing

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What is Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a process used in electronic circuits to automatically adjust the gain of a signal to a specified level. It is commonly used in audio processing and radio communication systems to ensure that the output signal remains at a consistent level, regardless of variations in the input signal strength.

AGC is particularly useful in situations where the strength of the input signal can vary significantly, such as in radio communication systems where signals can be affected by factors such as distance, interference, and atmospheric conditions. By maintaining a consistent output level, AGC helps to ensure that the signal is clear and intelligible, regardless of these variations.


Microphone with AGC technology

AGC stands for Automatic Gain Control, which is a technique used in microphones to automatically adjust the microphone's sensitivity based on the loudness of the sound being recorded. This ensures that the microphone can pick up both quiet and loud sounds accurately without distortion.

AGC microphones are commonly used in various applications, including audio recording, speech recognition, and telecommunication. They are especially useful in situations where the sound levels can vary widely, such as in a noisy environment, or when recording a range of different speakers.

AGC microphones typically have a built-in amplifier that adjusts the microphone's gain in real-time based on the volume of the sound input. This means that the microphone can amplify the quieter sounds and reduce the amplification of louder sounds, resulting in a consistent, high-quality recording.


Why AGC is essential to video conferencing?

In video conferencing, participants may have different audio setups, including microphones of varying quality and sensitivity, different ambient noise levels, and different speaking volumes. Without AGC, these differences can lead to some participants being too quiet to hear, while others may be too loud and cause distortion or discomfort for the other participants.

AGC automatically adjusts the gain of the audio signal to maintain a consistent volume level, regardless of the differences in microphones or speaking volumes. This helps to ensure that all participants are heard clearly and at a comfortable volume, without the need for manual adjustments or disruptions to the conference.


How AGC technology enhance online meeting experience?

Improved audio quality: AGC technology helps to maintain consistent volume levels, which means that everyone in the meeting can be heard clearly and without any distortions or disruptions. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments to the microphone volume, ensuring that the speaker's voice is audible without being too loud or too quiet.

Better communication: AGC technology helps to minimize background noise, such as typing or rustling papers, which can be distracting during an online meeting. This improves the overall communication experience by ensuring that all participants can focus on the conversation without any distractions.

Increased productivity: With AGC technology, there is no need for manual adjustments during the meeting, allowing participants to concentrate on the discussion and not on the technical aspects of the call. This improves productivity and helps to keep the meeting on track.

More engaging meetings: When everyone's voice is clear and audible, it is easier to engage in a conversation and for everyone to participate. AGC technology enhances the online meeting experience by ensuring that everyone can communicate clearly and effectively, leading to more productive and engaging meetings.


NEARITY products and AGC

At NEARITY, our mission is to enhance distance collaboration by offering innovative video conferencing solutions. Our products are designed to cater to both personal and professional needs. From small all-in-one devices (C45) for personal office use to speakermics for large conference rooms (A21S, A50), all NEARITY products feature AGC technology. This advanced technology enables our products to capture crystal-clear audio from employees and amplify it, ensuring remote participants can hear every word, regardless of their location or background noise. This eliminates the need for repeated questions and ensures smooth, efficient communication. With NEARITY, you can expect seamless collaboration, improved productivity, and exceptional audio quality.

In addition, Nearity's speakermics all support daisy chain technology, and only need one data cable to connect, so there is no need to tidy up the messy desktop that is entangled with data cables.



In conclusion, with the rise of hybrid work environments, video conferencing becomes an important aspect of remote collaboration. However, traditional video microphone presents some challenges: the speaking volume of the participants cannot be picked up evenly, and the voices of people far away from the microphone cannot be heard clearly. NEARITY can provide the ultimate solution to enhance the remote meeting and hybrid working experience by improving communication, productivity and overall satisfaction in video conferencing. Found out more at NEARITY website.





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